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The Ultimate Industrial Painting Specialists In Lorain, OH

If you are in Lorain, OH you can now enjoy the services of Industrial Painting USA in addition to the fine climate. This is one painting company that has built expertise in painting and surface coating for various commercial and industrial customers. We conduct painting and coating work on a wide range of surfaces. Some of them include exterior wall protective painting, gas line, tank linings, silos, interior wall decorative and safety boards, among others. It simply shows that you can trust us with any of your project, which requires painting of any nature.

Our 49-year experience in this industry enables us to ensure that each task and its specific requirements and nuances are understood. We have a well-trained team conversant with new painting systems and other up to date safety protocols to comply with industrial requirements. We also have certified inspectors who evaluate, inspect, and also document the quality of the application. This helps in ensuring that there is no corrosion, peeling, rusting, leaking, or any other adverse effect resulting from improper application. We also conduct non-destructive testing and adhesion tests before even commencing the project. The aim here is to determine the integrity, structure, and suitability of a product to be coated.

Our variety of products enable us to choose the best for your surface. And before selecting and applying the paint, we give attention to several factors, including location, environmental elements, surface, and space. One aspect that gives us a competitive advantage is the fact that we have mastered the art of using unique products selected for a particular surface. In all these, we factor in durability, and efficiency as a way of attaining best results. We also ensure that the surface is ready and carry out the necessary steps involved like water blasting should surface preparation be required.

The team that applies our industrial paint products always ensure that they measure the coatings and meet the requirements. In fact, should there be a need, we can have an expert from authorizing body on hand for any tasks which require their supervision like gas lining paint. To us, it doesn’t matter whether your project is a warehouse, retail space, arena, industrial, or production space. We have elevated equipment that enables our experts to access even the tallest building in the city. Our engineers also help in working on graded areas. And more importantly, we ensure always that we work within your schedule given that time is usually a sensitive element.

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