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Industrial Surface Preparation

Our Industrial Surface Preparation

Industrial surface preparation is the critical first step toward excellence in industrial painting. At Industrial Painting USA we have been painting industrial buildings for over forty years and our industrial surface preparation has always been a hallmark of our service. The quality of our industrial surface preparation is one the many attributes that sets us apart from our competition.

Surface Cleaning

Primers and paints require a clean and dry surface for the best adhesion. We use a wide variety of techniques in surface preparation from simple washing and scraping to power washing, abrasive blasting and even chemical treatments when required. We have dozens of methods available to clean industrial surfaces. We are careful to select the methods that deliver the results desired in the most cost-effective manner. Whether it is water blasting, sandblasting or any other abrasive blasting or cleaning technique, we are the leading nationwide contractor that gets the job done.

Experience is the key difference with Industrial Painting USA. There is simply no substitute for experienced professionals using the best equipment to deliver the best in industrial surface preparation. Our team has the experience to handle any surface preparation work regardless of complexity, size or the scope of work involved. We match the crews and techniques with the work to be done and quality results are the natural outcome.

Industrial Buildings, Structures And More

Although our most common work is the exterior and interior surface preparation and painting of industrial buildings, we also handle a significant number of jobs that involve the surface preparation on large holding tanks, towers, fencing, machinery and equipment. Our customers appreciate that we can expertly handle such a wide variety of industrial surface preparation needs. So if your work is inside, outside or at extreme heights, we are the go-to nationwide contractor that is ready to answer the call.

Prime Time For Primer

All bare surfaces are primed to ensure the best adhesion of the finished coats of paint. Unprimed surfaces simply do not provide the “grip” needed to get the long lasting results we want. We take such great care with surface preparation and priming because we want the finished paint job to last. At Industrial Painting USA we do not cut corners in surface preparation or in any part of our industrial painting work.


Now that the surfaces are cleaned and primed we begin to apply the finish coats of paints and coatings. Depending on the surface we are painting we select the best latex, enamel, epoxy or other paints and coatings for the job. We use only the best materials from the leading coating manufacturers in the nation. We have found that the little bit of money saved with a cheaper paint is not worth the extra time in application. Plus, cheap paints have to be repainted more frequently so your most cost-effective method is the Industrial Painting USA way—high quality paints and expert application.

Safety Requirements

Industrial painting is often dangerous work and the surface preparation is usually more dangerous than the actual painting. Using industrial grade equipment from scaffolds and lifts to reach high places is tricky to say the least. Every team member is expertly trained and certified on each piece of equipment used to ensure both quality and safety. We take great pride in our safety record and we work extensively with our clients to follow all safety requirements for your plant as well as our own.

Protecting Surrounding Areas

Surface preparation can also be messy work so we take care to prepare the environment to protect your grounds and surrounding structures from cleaning debris and paint. We use thick plywood when positioning lifts to help distribute the weight of the equipment evenly. Temporary screens, tarps and barriers are installed as needed to create a safe workspace and also prevent overspray.

Reducing Downtime

A key benefit of using Industrial Painter USA is our ability to do the work with minimal interruption to your daily operations. We go to great lengths to perform our surface preparation and other work in a manner that allows you to keep your industrial plant running as close to normal as possible. We earned our reputation as the leading nationwide contractor by working three shifts plus weekends when needed to complete the work and keep you up and running.

Quality And Consistency

It often takes weeks or months to complete industrial cleaning, surface preparation and painting of large industrial building and properties. To help keep our customers informed of our work we schedule regular progress walks. During these building tours we review the progress of the surface preparation informing clients of any maintenance issues we may spot as we are doing our work. We show you how we are moving through the schedule and what we are doing to stay on time and within budget.

Our industrial painting clients have trusted us for over 40 years to deliver the quality and speed they want in their industrial painting work. Budgets are tight and every company is looking for ways to cut costs. Choosing Industrial Painting USA is your best choice to do the work quickly, efficiently, safely, on time and within budget.