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Industrial Equipment Painting

Painting Industrial Equipment

Painting industrial equipment is a specialized skill that requires attention to detail in cleaning, preparation and application. Over the past four decades we have earned our reputation as the leading nationwide contractor by painting any type of industrial equipment with care and precision. Make sure your industrial equipment gets the highest quality painting by calling Industrial Painting USA.

Whether you’re industrial equipment is used indoors or out, it needs to be protected from the often harsh environment of an industrial plant. Extreme heat or cold, ash, acid rain, airborne debris and other factors can take a toll on industrial equipment. Remember that paint not only makes your industrial equipment look better, it protects it from rust, corrosion and other damage. It just makes sense in any economy to extend the useful life of industrial equipment with routine maintenance and a fresh coat of paint when needed.

Accurate Estimating

As we prepare an estimate for painting industrial equipment we evaluate how it’s used along with the immediate industrial environment. In this process we determine the type of paints or coatings along with the application method(s) that are best suited for the job. Our goal is to use the most cost-effective system that delivers the benefits we want.

After this analysis we prepare an estimate that you can believe in. Our extensive experience has given us a deep understanding of the nature of painting industrial equipment. We know the problem areas that need to be considered. We understand the best painting methods and the correct primers, paints and coatings that will deliver the quality and durability we want. While there is always the possibility of change orders that could affect the quoted price, our customers have, over the years, come to appreciate the accuracy of our estimates.

Preparation For Painting

Expert surface preparation is a critical component when painting industrial equipment. If this step is skipped or neglected, the results will never look as good or last as long. This is why we have devoted so much time and training over the years to getting the preparation just right.

At Industrial Painting USA our technicians use a variety of techniques to expertly clean the industrial equipment. We may use grease cutters, scraping, sanding and other simple methods if the industrial equipment in question requires only light cleaning. However in many cases, more aggressive techniques are needed to clean the fuel and oil tanks, forklifts, tractors, light towers, portable heating units, and the dozens of other industrial equipment types we paint on a regular basis.

When sandblasting is sufficient to clean grease, grime, oil and other debris without damaging the industrial equipment we often use it because it does a good job and is cost-effective. However we have a wide variety of abrasive blasting techniques at our disposal. We use these techniques as the situation requires while always being careful to protect your industrial equipment.

These methods include blasting with a wide variety of materials including almond or coconut shell blasting, corn cob blasting, dry ice blasting, walnut shell blasting, and many others. It is often best with industrial machinery to use vacuum blasting that vacuums the materials and debris into a specialized system that separates the debris and allows the materials to be used again. Once all the impurities are removed and the industrial equipment is properly sanded we move on to the painting process.

Paints And Coatings

The expertly prepared surface helps ensure the best adhesion when we apply our high quality primers, paints and coatings. As the leading nationwide contractor we don’t skimp when it comes to the quality of the materials we use. At Industrial Painting USA we are all about delivering exceptional value. We know that cheaper materials seem like they will save money. But the reality is that cheap materials often require additional coats to get the same coverage as quality materials. Plus, these cheap products don’t have the longevity and you end up repainting more often. When these factors are considered it is clear that the most cost-effective method is high quality paints and the expert application of Industrial Painting USA.

Enamels and powders (electrostatic painting) are the most common forms of industrial equipment paint. These materials are attractive, durable and available in a wide variety of colors. The application method is most commonly spray painting or powder coating. The size of the industrial equipment and its use determines the painting method we select.


Before we begin painting any industrial equipment, or any other project for that matter, we carefully review safety guidelines with your management team. We want to make sure that both our crews and your staff are safe at all times. We don’t take shortcuts in our painting or our attention to detail in safety procedures. Accident free is our desire on every job.


You simply can’t do better than choosing Industrial Painting USA to paint your industrial equipment or any plant, warehouse or other structure on your property. Our skilled labor force will complete the work faster, with higher quality and reduce any needed downtime to keep your plant up and running as much as possible.

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