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Industrial Building Painting

Painting Industrial Buildings

Cleaning and painting industrial buildings can be a daunting task for many painting contractors. Industrial buildings require an experienced painting contractor in order to efficiently and effectively compete the complicated cleaning and painting industrial buildings require. In virtually every case, your company is best served by the leading nationwide contractor, Industrial Painting USA, to complete the cleaning and painting of your industrial buildings.

As a leading nationwide contractor we have the skills and knowledge to clean and paint any industrial building regardless of location, size or the scope of work involved. The combination of our extensive experience in industrial buildings, and our nationwide reach make Industrial Painting USA the leading nationwide contractor for cleaning and painting industrial buildings.


There is no suitable substitute for experience when performing difficult cleaning and painting jobs. Our team has painted hundreds of industrial buildings across the country. It is this experience that makes us the leading nationwide contractor. Our crews have painted everything from huge industrial complexes, to tank farms, silos, industrial structures, machinery and equipment.

It’s because we have seen so many different industrial buildings in such a wide variety of settings that our qualifications are among the best in the nation. Our team is not intimidated by the size of even the largest industrial painting projects. Our crews are scalable to handle any sized job regardless of its size. This means that we are ideally suited for the largest and even smaller industrial painting projects. We simply size our crews appropriately for the work at hand.

The benefit is that no matter what size your industrial buildings are or where they are located across the country we are ideally suited for the job. This includes smaller projects as well. Just because you don’t have a mega sized industrial complex, your industrial buildings are no less important. With Industrial Painting USA you still get the expert crews and project managers. We just downsize the staff to accommodate smaller operations.

Licensed Bonded And Insured

Industrial Painting USA is licensed bonded and insured so you are protected for complicated cleaning and painting industrial building projects. Because of our size and scope we carry significant bonding capacity. Our team is ready to go when you make the call.

Building Types

We clean and paint industrial buildings of all types and sizes. This includes steel mills, refineries, refractories, tank farms, chemical plants, rubber plants, wastewater treatment facilities, major utilities, processing plants and any other industrial buildings you can imagine. Over our forty plus years in business we have cleaned and painted everything. Concerned about the height of your industrial buildings? Don’t be. We are well equipped and accustomed to painting in high places. Worried that your industrial buildings are just too large and you won’t be able to find a contractor that can handle the work? Not a problem. Our teams of cleaning and painting specialists are set up so that we can “right size” our crews to the size of your property. Have a massive job? We’ll bring a massive crew! Are you afraid that you won’t be able to find a contractor that can clean and paint your industrial buildings across the nation? Not to worry. We clean and paint industrial buildings from California to Main and Washington to Florida. Just give us a call!

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services include acid cleaning, chemical cleaning, citrus cleaning, and dozens of other methods to clean your industrial buildings. We are the leading professionals with power washing, sandblasting, steam cleaning, and we can perform abrasive blasting with everything from baking soda to dry ice.

Most of the industrial buildings are coated with grease and grime of all types including tar, rust, grease and fungus. Our experienced cleaning professionals can clean this common gunk and even the tough to clean materials such as dyes, grout, corrosion, ink, lime, mortar and sulfur.

Cleaning And Painting Quality

Our crews are experts at industrial cleaning because it takes a well-prepared surface for the best adhesion of primers and paints. We are dedicated to quality and there is no way to get the high quality painting without equal attention to the quality of the cleaning.

We use only the top primers, paints and coatings from the leading manufacturers to get the results we want. We apply these top of the line materials with modern, well maintained equipment to get the durable, long-lasting finish that has made us the leading nationwide contractor. We don’t settle for anything but the best finished work available and we won’t ask our customers to either. Using top quality product is the best long term solution for appearance, protection and overall cost savings. You see, it is always cheaper to do a job right the first time than to have to do it over.


Cleaning and painting industrial buildings can be dangerous work. High temperatures, heavy machinery and extreme heights are just a few of the many hazards we encounter on a regular basis. Our crew members are trained and certified to perform their work flawlessly and safely. No painting contractor goes on the job without the proper equipment, training and certifications required to complete the work on your industrial buildings.