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Painting Dairy Plants

painting dairy plants
Scope Of Work Painting Dairy Plants

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Painting Dairy Plants with Safety and Proficiency in Mind

Dairy plants are buildings or factories that receive, process, package, and distribute milk. These plants have different sections and equipment for each function. The maintenance process for each section of the dairy plant differs as well. For instance, it is impossible to use the same painting materials and techniques for the storage and pasteurization equipment or the interior and exterior. Therefore, you need a partner on your side who understands these differences and how they affect productivity.

Industrial Painting USA has worked on several dairy plant painting projects. We have dealt with clients who have completely new facilities and others who needed renovations. The expertise required to implement such a project runs through the veins of this business. Contact any of our representatives to take advantage of this. We will send someone to look at your plans and offer the best advice for your business.

Our company offers specialized expertise for painting dairy plants. We understand that these factories are used to process food. Therefore, food-grade paints and coatings that do not contaminate the milk during the production process are suitable to use with these plants.

At Industrial Painting USA, we understand the importance of following the painting process. We do not come to your plant and overtake it for the duration of our project. We value your input and involvement, so we will do everything together from the start. We help our clients pick colors, primers, and topcoats, and implement the design to their specifications.

The painting process begins with cleaning all the surfaces that are to be worked on. Abrasive blasting is suitable for surfaces made from materials such as concrete and steel. Wet cleaning methods are best for more delicate surfaces and equipment. Cleaning makes the paint job last longer by removing particles that would reduce the paint’s ability to stick to the surface.

When you trust painting experts like us with your dairy plant, you will spend less on subsequent renovations. Our pain job lasts longer than the average coating because we are thorough in our application process. Do not worry, even if you are located in a remote area or outside the United States. We have a widespread network of contractors who can reach you wherever we are.

At Industrial Painting USA, we value safety. You need a contractor who can observe all the relevant health and safety codes. Our company will ensure that the paint job on your dairy farm is compliant. The equipment used in dairy plants should be safe to handle products meant for human consumption. This fact affects the type of paints and cleaning products used to prepare and paint. We also use paint that does not break down when exposed to heat or pressure to avoid contaminating the products.

Feel free to reach out for a quote and great deals. Our dedicated team will be with you from the start to the end of your project.  Our company is your trusted partner in this and any other painting projects you might have.