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Painting Cooling Towers

painting water cooling towers
Scope Of Work Painting Cooling Towers

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Find Excellence with Us in Painting Projects for Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are synonymous with power generation plants, both electric and nuclear ones. A cooling tower is essentially a heat exchange device that releases excess heat to the atmosphere by using water to lower the temperature. Cooling towers are also suitable for running air conditioning systems in large industrial plants. Any work conducted on them must uphold the integrity of the systems they run. This is why you need experts like us to work on your cooling tower project.

Industrial Painting USA has worked on painting cooling towers in the past, and we have over 10 years of experience with these structures. Our experience with painting different surfaces meant for industrial use spans nearly 50 years. Over this time, we have accumulated knowledge and experience on how to deal with different substrates when cleaning and painting. Painting cooling towers are among our most successful projects.  Our business works on any new installation projects or renovations that use cooling towers. Contact us with your specifications to get a quote.

There is a lot of humid air, high temperature, and a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air surrounding the tower. These conditions increase the likelihood of corrosion, rusting, and leakage. Coating the exterior and interior surfaces of the tower protects the cooling tanks from damage.  It is possible to use waterproof and heat resistant paint to coat a cooling tower. However, epoxy paint is a better solution. This material adheres to a variety of substrates used to make cooling tanks. These include concrete, galvanized steel, fiberglass, or previous eroded coatings. It seals off any leakages and reduces the permeability of the cement structure to prevent air particles from moving between the walls.

Coating a cooling tower is important. The goal is to increase its durability. Epoxy keeps away moisture, heat, and chemical that cause corrosion. Epoxy seal paint is the finest for covering the exterior and interior of the tank for total protection.

As we are experts in this sector, we understand the painting process. Before beginning the painting, a cooling tower, we must first clean it to remove all existing corrosion and other chemical residues. This process ensures that after the coating is applied, the corrosive substances do not continue eating at the tank underneath. Abrasive blasting is the most common cleaning method for these structures, as it is quick and thorough. We then apply several layers of coating and allow them to dry.

In a humid environment, it is best to reduce the waiting time between preparations and painting. Extended exposure increases the probability of repeated corrosion of the already cleaned surface. This would trap impurities under the coating, thus compromising its durability. Routine inspection, cleaning, and repainting are required for cooling plants if you wish to extend their life span. This is a completely logical course of action, as it is costly to construct a new one.

Choose to work with Industrial Paintings USA, for the best quality cooling tank painting. Our prices are affordable and worth it for the excellent services we offer. Call us today for more on this.