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Industrial Structure Painting

Painting Industrial Structures

The industrial painting professionals at Industrial Painting USA are also experts at cleaning and painting industrial structures of any type and size. With over forty years of experience, we are the leading nationwide contractor trusted by plant managers across the country for quality work and the best on-time and on-budget performance. When it comes to cleaning and painting industrial structures look no further than the skilled craftsmen at Industrial Painting USA.

Our services start with a careful analysis of the industrial structures you want painted. We determine what industrial cleaning is needed in order to prepare the surfaces for painting. Of course, we perform this cleaning as well to ensure quality work and to save our customers the time and hassle of trying to locate an industrial cleaning contractor. Once the analysis is complete we present our findings and a plan for cleaning and painting industrial structures.

Our findings start with the scope of work and a detailed estimate of the costs involved for the recommended services. In the course of our analysis we make recommendations cleaning and repair of structures as needed. Much of this we can perform in the course of our work. We advise you of other work and you can either have your maintenance team or one of your preferred contractors handle the job.

Experience And Professionalism

Once you approve the estimate we are ready to get started. Our technicians, painters, and project managers are the best in the business. As the leading nationwide contractor we have our pick of the best and most experienced industry pros. We have found over the years that it is the experience of our crews that leads to the quality work and overall cost-savings that our customers appreciate so much. The old adage, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after sweetness of a low price fades away is so true in the industrial painting business. We are the leader in performance because we care about the quality our work.

Industrial Structure Types

Industrial structures come in all types and sizes. They make up the infrastructure of many of our essential industrial sectors. Industrial structures are designed to handle specific and often intense loads and pressures that ordinary buildings could not contain. Extreme heat, pressure or highly corrosive or toxic chemicals are often stored or processed within industrial structures. Because of this, it often takes special painting and preparation to maintain their exteriors.

We paint industrial structures such as industrial stacks, silos, storage bins, power turbines, walls, tank farms, water towers, fencing, containment walls and platforms to name just a few. Each industrial structure has its own unique set of challenges to get the very best quality finish paint. Whether its extreme height, specialty cleaning or just the sheer size and location of the industrial structures, Industrial Painting USA is well-equipped for the work.

If you are wondering if we are able to paint your industrial structures, the answer is, “of course we are.” We are the leading nationwide contractor because of our depth and breadth of experience. Call the pros today and find out just how easy it is to have the painting pros on the job. We are happy to provide a fast and FREE estimate for the work.

Equipment And Heights

The experienced professionals at Industrial Painting USA have the modern equipment needed to paint industrial structures of any type or size. Our technicians are experienced and certified in aerial painting, stage painting, rope painting, swing stage painting, boson chair painting and every other method used to paint the most difficult and highest industrial structures. Our team members are certified in the equipment they use and follow safety regulations in every case.


Safety is always a top priority when cleaning and painting industrial structures. Industrial Painting USA has the project managers and team in place that is not only trained and certified in safety standards, but also has learned from on-the-job experience how important it is to follow these procedures. Our guys don’t take chances when working hundreds of feet off the ground! We meet all the safety demands of OSHA and each individual plant we paint.


Cleaning industrial structures is critical to the quality of the paint finish. Primers and paints require a clean and dry surface to get the best adhesion. We start every job with a careful evaluation of the cleaning needs. Then we bring in the technicians and equipment needed to do the job in the most cost-effective manner.

While many industrial structures can be cleaned with simple power washing, it is often necessary to use a variety of abrasive blasting techniques to remove the more difficult areas of corrosion, mold, rust and heavy stains found on many industrial structures. We of course use sandblasting as one of our staple techniques. It is relatively inexpensive and effective in many circumstances. However, we want you to know that when different methods are required we have dozens of abrasives available. We clean with everything from walnut shells, baking soda, ceramic beads, grape seeds, rice hulls and steel shot.

You can always trust Industrial Painting USA for cleaning and painting industrial structures in the most cost-effective manner. Call today for a free estimate.