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Industrial Ceiling Painting

Painting Industrial Ceilings

Painting industrial ceilings takes skill and extensive experience. Industrial ceilings are among the most difficult surfaces to paint in most industrial plants. Regardless of the size or height of your industrial ceilings, Industrial Painting USA can handle the job. Our experience spans over forty years. For the very best in on-time performance call the leading nationwide contractor, call Industrial Painting USA.

We paint every type of industrial ceiling including concrete, drywall, plaster, composites, steel, aluminum, corrugated, fiberglass, mineral and many more. We paint such a wide variety of industrial ceilings that it is very unlikely that your industrial ceiling is something we have not painted many times before. Our customers appreciate our experience in painting industrial ceilings. We are the go-to professionals nationwide with the resources to get the job done right.

Choosing Industrial Painting USA means you have selected the leading nationwide contractor in on-time and on-budge performance. Our experience means that we will get the work completed much faster than a lesser contractor and with far less interruption to your daily operations. Our crews work any shift plus weekends in order to complete the work with minimal disruption to your daily operations. We understand that downtime is lost time and it can be very expensive. Our crews are adept at working with our customers to get the work completed on time.

Safety Standards

Safety is always a top priority at Industrial Painting USA. We work at extreme heights in all types of dangerous conditions on a regular basis. We are always careful to follow safety procedures to make sure that at the end of the day every crew member is safe and secure. This commitment to safety extends to your team and facilities as well. We insist on pre-production meetings to review safety requirements and standards. The goal is always to be injury free.

No Industrial Painting USA crew member uses any equipment without thorough training and certification. The extensive scaffolds, riggings and equipment needed to safely paint industrial ceilings is dangerous if not used properly. Our guys respect the work and the equipment enough to never take shortcuts with safety.


The best industrial ceiling painting always starts with the best cleaning and preparation. In fact, it is our dedication to expert cleaning and preparation that sets us apart from our competition. The quality of our finished work is directly related to the quality of our preparation. We start by cleaning your industrial ceilings with the most appropriate and cost-effective cleaning method. This can be anything from simple scraping and sanding to more extensive cleaning by water blasting or power washing. In the toughest cases we have a wide variety of abrasive blasting techniques at our disposal.

Keep in mind that painting your industrial ceiling is often the easy part. Industrial painting preparation is the key to the superior quality of our work. Our industrial painting services include expert ceiling cleaning to prepare the surface. Paints require a clean and dry surface for the best adhesion and we have all the skills and equipment needed to safely clean and prepare your industrial ceilings for painting. Whether its sandblasting, water blasting or dozens of other techniques, we have the tools and team to do the job right.

Cost Savings

Chances are that your industrial buildings could benefit from a fresh coat of light colored paint on your ceilings. Light reflecting paints improve the efficiency of existing lighting by as much as 40% without having to devote any resources to new lighting. It often makes more sense to paint your industrial ceilings rather than make capital expenditures in new lighting. As you know, better lighting often helps save soft costs that don’t show up directly on your books. Reflecting light off of a freshly painted ceiling improves visibility in dark areas and reduces accidents. Better visibility is always a plus for employee attitudes as well. Don’t we all prefer to work in nicely lighted facilities rather than in dark and dank work environments? You only get one chance to make a good first impression. A fresh coat of paint on the ceiling is one more reason for a customer to have a positive impression of you and your company.


We offer our clients industrial painting services with excellent pricing and programs to meet your budget requirements. By choosing the leading nationwide contractor you get the best overall value for painting industrial ceilings. You see, lesser contractors may come in and low-ball a price. We come up against this all the time. But once we explain the differences in our services and our customers understand the long term savings the get with us, we almost always end up getting the job.

Industrial Painting USA is your top choice for painting industrial ceilings. You simply can do better than our expert technicians in cleaning and painting industrial ceilings. We are the leading nationwide contractor for good reasons. We deliver a quality product at a competitive price. We also pride ourselves in our on-time and on-budget performance. Don’t take a chance on a lesser contractor. Go with the nation’s best and your industrial painting is one thing you never have to worry about. Call us today for a free estimate.