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Abrasive Basting Tanks

abrasive blasting tanks
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Excellent Abrasive Blasting Services for Cleaning Tanks

Every production or manufacturing plant considers tanks essential. They are used to store all kinds of material that are crucial for the production process. Industrial Painting USA offers abrasive blasting services for a variety of tanks to meet all your needs.  Since different tanks require varying cleaning and care techniques, our team of cleaning experts is an asset to our clients. We take into account the material of the tank, its use, and the expected outcome to choose the best blasting medium and equipment for you.

Abrasive blasting is performed as part of routine maintenance to remove impurities. When used on industrial tanks, it adds value because it effectively removes impurities from tanks. Some of the materials stored in industrial storage tanks are corrosive and thus damages protective coatings on the inside of the tank. Other products may coat the inside of the tank, thus reducing its functionality. In other instances, especially if a tank is outside, weather conditions will damage its protective coating with time. Another use for abrasive blasting for tanks is when their use is about to change. This process removes any impurities that may contaminate the new product that they will be carrying.

Blasting is used to clean impurities that might affect the functionality of an industrial tank. The process is also crucial during the recoating and repainting of these structures. Impurities left on a surface affect the adhesiveness of protective coats and paint on the surface of a tank.

For this and other cleaning and painting needs for industrial tanks, our company has a reliable track record. Industrial Painting USA has many years of experience dealing with abrasive blasting of tanks. We use different mediums depending on the purpose of and desired outcome of the blasting process. Sand, beads, steel shot, and steel grit all produce different effects and work best on specific materials. It takes real experts like ourselves to determine this. Whether it is the exterior or interior of the tank, we are here to help

This method of cleaning tanks is effective for manufacturing plants as it is cost-effective. Abrasive medium is usually cheap and often reusable. Additionally, it takes less time and is more thorough than other techniques. Since it is a dry method, there is minimized risk causing any damage to these tanks.

It does not matter what kind of tank you have, you can count on us to work on it. We deal with water towers, oil tanks, sewerage treatment tanks, chemical storage tanks, flammable liquid storage tanks, concrete, and underground storage tanks, among others. We also work on standpipes and other cylindrical structures, including silos. No matter your tank type, we can take care of it.

Abrasive blasting is a great investment for industrial plants. It not only makes your tanks and plant look good, but it also increases their functionality and durability. However, the process is only effective if performed by experienced experts. This is what Industrial Painting USA offers you. Contact us today for a quote on any service in this category.