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Industrial Painting Company

Our Industrial Painting Company

Industrial Painting USA is the industrial company that is always 100% focused on the quality work that makes it the leading nationwide contractor. As an industrial painting company we specialize in the challenging work of painting industrial factories, plants and all other industrial structures. Painting these complex buildings with their industrial equipment and machines requires an industrial company with very specialized equipment and an experienced team to do the job safely.

Over our forty plus years as an industrial company our customers have come to trust us for our consistent quality and fair pricing. When you choose our industrial company you are hiring a team with experienced professionals using the latest equipment and technology. Our combination of experience and equipment means our customers save time, save money and never have to worry that something could come up that we can’t handle. It may be hard to put a price on peace of mind, but it is part of our standard service at Industrial Painting USA.

Quick Response

One of the first things you’ll notice about our industrial company is how quickly we return a call and answer your questions. It’s simply our business practice to make sure you get a fast response. It’s part of our “no hassle” philosophy. Over the years we’ve learned that a simple phone call goes a long way to assure customers that their project is going to be on time and within budget. Let’s face it. Painting industrial properties is complicated and often dangerous work. We keep you informed every step of the way to give you one less thing to worry about.


We are an industrial company that takes estimating very seriously. It’s not at all uncommon for us to compete with an industrial company that will put just about anything on paper to get the job. When you compare our estimates to an industrial company like that the difference just jumps off the page.

Our experience ensures that there are no cost overruns on your project. Our estimating skill and deep understating of industrial painting allows us to order just the right quantity of materials and have the proper equipment on hand to get the job done safely and without wasting resources. An added benefit of our accurate estimating that won’t show up directly on the expense line is the lack of hassle and stress caused by arguing with contractors over billing problems caused by poor estimating practices. Our industrial company experience assures you that our estimates are correct and your billing will be accurate and fair.

Experience Equals Savings

Not every industrial painting company is equipped and experienced enough to handle any industrial painting job nationwide. What sets us apart is we understand the complexities of the job. Our experience means that you get expert advice on how to do the job in the most efficient manner. We deliver the results you want in the most cost-efficient manner.

We are quality conscious with great attention to the best preparation, primers and paints that will not only look great now, but stand up to the rigors of your industrial company environment. This saves time and money because it is always cheaper in the long run to do it right the first time and not have to pay to do the entire project over.

We Strive To Keep You Up And Running

As an experienced Industrial painting company we understand that downtime is very expensive for you. We take great care to work with your management and maintenance team to ensure the least amount of interruption to your daily operations. As part of this service we work in three shifts and can paint while your crews are out. If you are a 24-hour operation we develop a strategic plan that gets the work done with the least interruption to your business.

Additional Painting Services

Keep in mind that we are well equipped to paint your industrial offices as well. The same professionalism and attention to detail is used in Industrial office painting. We take care of everything from moving and protecting furniture and office equipment, to masking windows, trim and doors. You will be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do for your office space. It will give everything a brand new look and increase employee morale as well.

Safety First And Foremost

We hire only the best and most experienced painting professionals and supervisors for our industrial company. Our industrial company is well-trained to handle the often dangerous work environments of industrial factories and structures. We know you are working hard to keep your plant accident-free and maintain a safe working environment. We meet regularly with your safety team to make sure we understand and follow your requirements and that you understand and follow ours. We did not get to be the leading nationwide contractor by being sloppy in any aspect of our business. Safety is always a top priority at our industrial painting company.

Our goal is always to deliver the benefits of an outstanding work ethic, accurate estimating and pricing, safe work practices and on-time delivery of projects. When you are ready for your next industrial painting project just give us a call. You will be impressed at how easy it is to work with an experienced industrial painting company that understands the “ins and outs” of industrial painting. We leave nothing to chance and you can always trust us for the finest quality and on budget performance.