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Painting Metal Siding

painting metal siding
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How to Paint Industrial Metal Siding

Typically, industrial metal sidings present a unique set of challenges to factory owners and the workers as well. Of course, metal siding on your factory premises are necessities hence the need for protecting them. The common question many property owners and managers often ask is how to go about painting these components. Ideally, most metal sidings are often exposed to different elements, including moisture. It usually leads to rust on the material surfaces, which in many instances, deteriorate the functionality of the components. Painting, however, provides a protective layer on top of the metal surface hence slowing or stopping the rust.

The first step in painting metal siding is by running a wire brush over any specific spots where there is rust. In essence, this basically involves surface preparation, which ensures the metal surface remains ready for painting. It is vital to remove rust because it is an element that can hinder the effective application of the paint. It merely means that if you fail to remove rust, chances are high the paint will peel off immediately it dries up. Therefore, scrub the metal sidings surface thoroughly using a wire brush.

The next thing to do is getting a specialty primer from your local paint store. The primer should be rust-inhibitive since this guarantees best results after all. Ensure you apply at least two coats of the primer with adequate drying time in between. The essence of this is to create an extra-strong protective layer.

Then apply your paint on the surface once the subsequent coatings dry. It is recommended to use 100% acrylic latex or oil-based paint. The essence of either of these two types of paints is that they prevent moisture from permeating through the surface. And in the long run, it prevents the surface material of the metal sidings from rusting. When painting metal siding, it is always advisable to use spraying techniques. This method applies paint evenly on the entire surface of the metal siding hence creating uniformity.

After applying the final paint coat, allow the metal sidings to dry. This enables the paint to cure and permanently sticks on the surface of this component. It is vital because when you rush it before it fully cures, there is a possibility the paint peeling off. It can also encounter some of the common painting issues, such as wrinkling and blistering, among others. Therefore, you have to give it sufficient time to dry naturally away from direct sunlight.

In all the aspects of painting metallic siding, it is always recommended to ensure you consult or hire a professional company. Painting these components, especially from an industrial perspective, is demanding and generally involving. Suppose you have such projects, the best bet for you to consider in hiring Industrial Painting USA. This company has been in operation for the last 50 years, making it the best option for all your metallic siding painting needs. Moreover, we can offer these services anywhere within the country within the shortest time possible.