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Painting Overhead Doors

Painting Overhead Doors
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Professional Tips For Painting Overhead Doors

Peeling, cracked, or faded paint on your factory overhead doors can detract from curb appeal dragging down your facility’s appearance. Most of these types of doors are made from metals; hence you could be wondering how to paint them. Painting overhead doors involve some effort and time, but it ultimately gives your premises a fresh new look. It is always ideal to consider the services of an expert to handle all the painting needs for your overhead doors. Nonetheless, here are some of the essential tips on how to paint these components from a professional perspective;

Choose the right color – It is arguably, the most challenging aspect in this process since there are critical elements you must have in mind. If these types of doors were already painted, it becomes necessary to go for colors, which are similar or closer to the original paints. However, if you are ready to change things up entirely, ensure you go for a color, which complements other aspects of the premise. It is advisable always to avoid extremely bright colors for such surfaces.

Surface preparation – Before you think of starting the painting process, you have to make sure the surface is properly prepared. Start with cleaning it since these types of doors are always exposed to numerous elements. Such elements always cause build-up and coating of dirt and grime. Therefore, you need to clean it up using the best technique possible. Ensure you use the recommended cleaning compound and use a brush to scrub the surface appropriately. Then rinse the doors and let it dry fully before moving on to the next step.

Sanding – It is apparently the most difficult part of painting overhead doors, especially for DIY hence the need for professional assistance. It has to be done, nonetheless, since it plays a critical role in determining the effectiveness of the painting process. If you fail to sand the surface of the overhead doors, most likely the paint will peel off in short order. Therefore, make sure you sand every square inch of the overhead doors. Once sanding is over, use a vacuum or brush to remove the particles which have been sanded off.

Painting – This is now the actual act of applying the paint of the surface of the overhead doors. Professionally, it is recommended to use latex-based paint to attain the best results possible. In most cases, oil-based paints tend to expose every little flaw in the surface of the overhead doors. Therefore, if possible, always refrain from using them. It is recommendable to divide the overhead doors when painting. For instance, you can start with certain sections at a time in a particular direction. Also, avoid coating joints of the doors too heavily with paint to enable the job to appear uniform on the doors.

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