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Industrial Cleaning Services

Our Industrial Cleaning Services

In addition to our world class industrial painting services, Industrial Painting USA also delivers industrial cleaning services to our nationwide clients. We have forty plus years in industrial cleaning services and our customers appreciate the fact that industrial cleaning and painting can be handled by one supplier. It saves them the time and trouble of locating quality vendors in markets across the nation.

The large scale cleaning required in an industrial cleaning operation is challenging and specialized work. We put our cleaning crews through extensive training to keep them up to date on the latest equipment and techniques. Our crews are trained to perform industrial cleaning services quickly, efficiently and safely. No crew member is put on a job without the proper training, equipment and personal protection equipment. The quality of our work and safety are critical to our success and these two values are never compromised.

Our Start In Industrial Cleaning

Our expertise in industrial cleaning developed from our painting preparation services. As we worked with clients on their industrial painting we were told by many how difficult it was to get quality cleaning services at their plants across the country. As we investigated this opportunity we found that we could add this service to our arsenal of industrial services. After bringing in industrial cleaning experts to train our crews and investing in equipment and staff, we launched our industrial cleaning services. The service was successful right from the start. It was a natural extension of our industrial painting operations.

Cleaning Services

Most industrial operations require regular cleaning of the equipment used in their factories. Cleaning drains, tanks and equipment is an ongoing task that makes sense to outsource to industrial cleaning professionals rather than trying to do it in-house.

Our Industrial cleaning services include cleaning floors, machinery, industrial buildings and machinery. Our industrial cleaning services are nationwide and our customers know that regular cleaning is essential to their operations. Cleaning grease, oil and paint from machinery and vehicles, chemical cleaning and abrasive blasting are just a few of the dozens of Industrial cleaning services we offer.


The industrial cleaning services offered by Industrial Painting USA are a great help in maintaining a clean and safe working environment. A well-cleaned facility can help eliminate environmental hazards that can lead to on the job injuries. Many injuries could be prevented with consistent cleaning to prevent slipping and other hazards. We are the leading nationwide contractor and we take no shortcuts in delivering exceptional industrial cleaning. You can depend on us to do the very best work each time we are at your facility.

Our team of well-trained technicians comes ready to work with specialized equipment selected for your specific cleaning requirements. Regardless of the size or extent of your Industrial cleaning requirements, Industrial Painting USA provides these important industrial cleaning services. We clean everything from dust collectors, towers, clean rooms, shops, exhaust systems, air-handling systems, floors and more.


It is difficult, if not impossible, to clean industrial floors of oil and grease using regular cleaning products. In many cases, poor cleaning attempts can make the matter worse by making surfaces even more dangerous than when you started. Our team matches the equipment, solvents and methods we use to the type of dirt and grime we are removing from your floors. Our Industrial cleaning services utilize high pressure equipment, proper solvents when needed and we play close attention to environmental concerns being careful to remove debris with vacuum trucks rather than washing it down sewers. We are conscious of the environment in every job we undertake.


Working in an industrial environment is often dangerous enough by itself. Stirring up grime and debris and the other filthy stuff that accumulates on factory floors and equipment can be a real hazard. This is why you should never trust your industrial cleaning to anyone less than experienced industrial cleaning professionals. Our team has the equipment to both do the cleaning and protect your workers from harmful airborne particles.

We are sticklers for safety and should any unsafe condition be identified the work is stopped immediately and the safety issue is corrected. Our industrial services often take place in toxic environments. The grime we are cleaning is often hazardous to people, animals and the environment in general. Our crews are expertly trained to neutralize these issues and ensure that your plant is cleaned in the safest manner possible. We of course comply with all federal, state and local laws regarding the disposal of hazardous materials.

Reducing Downtime

At Industrial Painting USA we are well aware that cleaning services can be a distraction to your workforce. We work hard to do our work quickly and safely so your operations can return to normal as quickly as possible. In fact, it is often possible that we can do our work with practically no interruption to your operations.