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Painting Distribution Centers

painting distribution centers
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Industrial Painting USA is a Specialist in Painting Distribution Centers

If you are operating a distribution center that needs some paint remodeling, Industrial Painting USA is the way to go. Distribution plants are specialized buildings where finished products are stored awaiting redistribution to retailers. They are contained in large open spaces within warehouses. These facilities have loading equipment such as cranes and forklifts to help move heavy boxes. The atmospheric conditions remain at predetermined levels to keep the temperature and humidity low. This helps to preserve the products stored so they can get to the consumer in pristine condition.

Industrial Painting USA has completed several painting projects in distribution plants all over the world. Working with us gives you one of the most excellent painting services available and excellent customer service as a bonus. Our trained experts offer advice, informed opinions, and implement your project plan to ensure your fulfillment with our services.

Painting distribution centers can be hectic, especially in the interior, because industrial plants have relatively high ceilings.  Techniques such as bosun’s chair painting and body harnesses are used for high walls. Cranes can also be effective in helping to reach ceilings and high walls. Spray painting machines are best suited for these features as they are faster and produce evenly distributed paint patterns. Hiring specialists like us to paint these structures is the best way to ensure a job well done due to the facility’s special features.

Like most other painting procedures, cleaning the surface to remove coatings of corrosion, old paint, rust, or other substances is the first step. On a new structure, the preparation process is fast and straightforward.  Our company offers surface preparation services as part of the painting process for distribution centers and other structures.  This complies with the set standards for industrial painting practices. It increases the safety of the plant and saves the client money they might spend on future renovations. This is because treating the surface before applying paint makes the coating last longer.

The size of your plant does not matter to us. We treat all our clients with equal respect and enthusiasm.  We are equipped with all the machinery and personnel needed to work on all project sizes effectively. Even if you have a chain of distribution centers located in different locations, we have you covered. Our dedicated network ensures that a painting team can get to you wherever you are.  We collaborate with world-renowned brands and smaller distributors alike to decorate and preserve their facilities. We work on new projects and repainting jobs as well. You can decide to involve us in the planning project or hand us a completed plan to implement. Our main goal is quality services and customer satisfaction.

Get in touch with any of our representatives for a quote or consultation.  Our contact information is listed on the home page of this website. What are you waiting for? Join the list of successful distribution centers that have relied on our services for nearly five decades. We promise that you will not regret it.