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Industrial Machinery Painting

Painting Industrial Machinery

We understand how important industrial machinery is to the productivity of your operations. Our industrial painting services are a vital part of keeping your industrial machinery protected from rust and corrosion. When it is time for painting industrial machinery in any plant across the nation, look no further than the professionals at Industrial Painting USA.

If you are like most of our industrial customers, you have invested heavily in forklifts, robots, CNC machinery or hundreds of other types of industrial machinery that make our customers leaders in their fields. You have a trained team to perform required maintenance on the mechanical systems of the machinery, but who is taking care of the exterior? We are specialists with extensive experience in painting industrial machinery of all types and sizes.

Industrial Painting USA can paint your industrial machinery at any location across the country. Whether you are located in New Hampshire or New Mexico, we are the leading nationwide contractor with the expertise, experience and reach to paint your industrial machinery.

Keeping You Up And Running

With over four decades of painting industrial machinery behind us, you can bet we understand that time is money. We know you can’t be without your industrial machinery for any extended time period. We keep our hours flexible and we are happy to schedule your industrial machinery painting at any time it is not in use. If this is the third shift or weekends, we don’t mind. It’s simply part of our business to service our customers better than any other industrial painting contractor.

Surface Cleaning And Preparation

Primers and paints won’t stick to dirty, greasy or grimy surfaces. Industrial Painting USA is the leading nationwide contractor because we can also expertly clean your industrial machinery and get it ready to paint. We work with you and your machine operators to discuss the equipment and the critical components we must protect from cleaning debris and paint.

Our trained crews clean the surface of your industrial machinery with a combination of chemical and abrasive methods. We carefully mask the important areas and then clean the machinery using the most cost-effective methods. Once the industrial machinery is cleaned we apply the primers and paints. While most industrial equipment requires a hard-finish enamel spray paint for a quality finish, there are times when we will use electrostatic coating for an even harder and more durable finish. Regardless of the method, our skilled team can handle the job and make your machinery look great.

Machinery Types

We are adept at painting industrial machinery of all sizes and shapes and in any section of your factory or outbuildings. We paint any type of machinery including: printing, cutting, assembly, metalworking, presses, robotics, packaging, automated or semi-automated machinery, spinning, mixing, blending, cleaning, etc. etc. You see, in our four decades of industrial machinery painting experience we have learned how to handle these expensive machines. We know your customized machinery has parts that must be carefully protected from cleaning debris and paints. We always work with you to identify these areas and take special precautions to safely paint them.

Your Industrial Environment

The way we paint your industrial machinery is dictated by its location relative to heat, cold, chemicals and other factors. We consider all these factors and more to make recommendations on paint formulations and powders that can withstand the environment for years to come. Even if the paint needs to be specially formulated for anti-static or other measures, we can help lower the overall painting costs by using the materials best suited for your machinery.

We can paint your industrial machinery any color you choose. This is useful in identifying the department a particular piece of machinery belongs. Colors are available in many painting methods including spray painting and electrostatic painting. We can also stencil numbers, lettering or other identification on the machinery.

Resale Value

Once your industrial machinery has reached the end of its useful life in your factory, chances are it will be more valuable on the resale market if it looks fresh and clean. Call the leading nationwide contractors at Industrial Painting USA to give your used equipment a fresh look prior to putting on the market. There is a good chance that the increased value of the equipment will offset the costs of the painting. Plus if you sell the machinery faster because it looks good, that’s money in your pocket as well!


With every industrial machinery painting job we undertake, our goal is always to deliver the best overall value in the industry. As the leading nationwide contractor we can simply paint the equipment you want and be done with it. However, some customers prefer to set up a longer term program to paint all their industrial equipment on a regular basis. We work out a schedule where each year we paint the equipment in a designated area. This makes the painting easier for customers to budget and we offer discounts for long term contracts to save you even more money.

Don’t trust painting industrial machinery to just any painting contractor. You always get the best results and value from Industrial Painting USA. Call us today for a free estimate.