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Painting Walkways & Ladders

painting walkways ladders
Scope Of Work Painting Walkways & Ladders

Project Detail

Typical Workflow of Painting Walkways & Ladders Professionally

Several circumstances can trigger the need for painting walkways & ladders in an industrial or commercial setting. First, it is necessary as a way of enhancing safety since these areas can be potential risks. Secondly, appropriate painting of these two elements helps in enhancing visibility and attractiveness in the factory. However, you should always hire a certified professional company to handle all the aspects of painting the walkways and the ladders too. A typical workflow for this service from Industrial Painting USA entails the following;

Quotation – It involves an assessment of the task to determine the amount of money it would cost. As a potential client, your work is to request for estimates by providing the relevant details, which facilitates the process. Upon approval, you will receive a detailed quotation demystifying the different aspects necessary for the task.

Color selection – There are experts within the team in charge of guiding the customer on the best colors ideal for their walkways and ladders. After an assessment of the facility, there is a color chat, which, in consultation with the customer, helps in color selection.

Material acquisition – The next step in purchasing the necessary paints and related accessories for the task. Of course, this happens after settling on particular colors as well as the specific painting brands in the market. Once the task is over, mobilization of the acquisitions is facilitated to the site for the project to commence.

Surface pressure washing – Before painting walkways & ladders, the first step is to clean the surfaces using a pressure washer. The essence here is to help to make the surfaces smooth, which eventually will create an even finish once the job is done.

Further surface treatment – It involves carrying out more intensive surface preparation procedures before the painting work commences. For instance, some surfaces may require filling up cracks and nail holes using mortar or putty as required.

Painting – The actual paint application then begins. It involves the application of different types and levels of coats, depending on the condition of the surface. At times, the undercoat is applied twice or thrice before other coats are applied. The initial coats are allowed to cure as a way of reinforcement before the final coats are applied. You can add different types of coats depending on your demands until you get the right one.

Site clean-up – Every day, once the work is over, there is site clean-up. This helps in the removal of dust, debris, and deposits from the surface of the ladder and walkways we are painting. It also helps to create a safe working environment as far as efficiency and health issues are concerned.

Demobilization and final site clean-up – After the entire process of painting walkways & ladders is over; the next step is clearing up the site. At this stage, the project is over, and our inspection unit has approved the quality of the task. All materials, machinery, equipment, and tools are demobilized to leave the new look surface area.

As you can see, each aspect of the painting process herein is professionally handled. Therefore, you can be certain of attaining the best and quality results from this type of project.