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Bosun’s Chair Abrasive Blasting

Scope Of Work Bosun’s Chair Abrasive Blasting

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Why You Need Bosun’s Chair Abrasive Blasting Experts For Your Plant

It may seem like quite a fit to maintain tall structures in an industrial plant. While several techniques are available for this, a bosun’s chair is quite convenient. This is a device, which suspends from the roof or edge of a structure using lifelines and harnesses. Unlike regular harnesses, these ropes attach to planks or rigid seats. It enables the user to be in a seated position as they work.

Bosun’s chair abrasive blasting is a process that uses this device to conduct blasting procedures on the sides of high structures. It is suitable for this kind of work, especially when done on very large industrial plants. The professional blaster can seat on the bosun’s chair and work for hours without getting exhausted.

Since a bosun’s chair is a controlled descent device, working with it requires a top to bottom approach. The blasting process must begin at the top going down. Bosun’s chair abrasive blasting has its advantage because the cleaned areas remain so. If the process were in reverse, the impurities at the top would contaminate the already cleaned bottom parts. The use of this process requires expertise. Our team of professionals is well equipped and experienced in this procedure.

Using a bosun’s chair for blasting processes is cheap and effective for industrial buildings. There are no height limits, and if a structure is too tall, intervals can be set for attaching the harnesses. Our company has been using the bosun’s chair abrasive blasting technique to clean the sides of concrete or steel structures for years. We use the same device for painting the same structures once the preparation stage is complete. Blasting the insides of large tanks and silos is also achieved effectively using the bosun’s chair.  If you need to know more about this process, contact us for a consult.

Safety is a crucial part of this process. Our entire bosun’s chair blasting equipment conforms to the set standards. Each device has two independent lifelines, one for the chair and another for the user. This ensures that even if one of the lifelines fails, the other protects the person using it from a fatal fall. We are also sensitive about protecting both our workers and yours from poisoning that may occur from exposure to blasting particles and other impurities. We will discuss with you the best protocols to use to ensure that those in proximity to the residue are safe from harm. Clean up procedures during blasting also removes pollutants. Combined with protective gear, there is a guarantee of zero incidences and desirable outcomes. Industrial Paintings USA cares about safety above all else.

There is no cause for concern if your tall industrial structures need cleaning. Our company has a team of trained and certified professionals who can work flawlessly on a bosun’s chair. It will cost you less than other methods for a great and long-lasting outcome.  Make a call to our offices for inquiries, a quote, or consult. We are happy to serve you.