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Industrial Warehouse Painting

Painting Industrial Warehouses

Industrial Painting USA paints industrial warehouses across the nation. We paint all types and sizes of industrial warehouses regardless of their location. Painting industrial warehouses is an integral part of our business. It is common for each industrial factory we paint to have one or more industrial warehouses on the premises that needs the same attention as the rest of the property. Whether it is the interior or exterior of your industrial warehouse, you can depend on Industrial Painting USA to complete the work on-time and within budget.


Painting industrial warehouses starts with expert evaluation and analysis of the property. We determine the amount of surface preparation needed to get your industrial warehouses ready to paint. In this step we check for flaked or chipped paint, mold, mildew, structural damage and the overall surface condition of the building. We measure the size of your industrial warehouses and consider the equipment needed to reach the full height of the walls and ceilings.

Our years of experience and detailed understanding of painting industrial warehouses allows us to generate accurate estimates that serve as the blueprint for the work to come. We take this aspect of the job very seriously. The care and attention we spend in estimating allows our customers to have confidence in the overall costs of the project and establish a reliable budget. Our demonstrated on-time and on-budget performance keeps customers coming back to us every time they need industrial painting of any type.

Surface Preparation

The key to quality painting is making sure that the surface is well-prepared for primers and paints. Industrial Painting USA delivers expert service in industrial cleaning and surface preparation. Whether it is simple scraping and sanding or more aggressive techniques like power washing and sandblasting, we have the highly skilled technicians to prep your industrial warehouses. Our crews are trained and experienced in dozens of abrasive blasting techniques including vacuum blasting. Vacuum blasting is unique in that as the abrasives are accelerated against the surface to clean it, a powerful vacuum contains the debris and separates the abrasives from the paint, rust or corrosion being removed and reuses the abrasives.

Regardless of the size of your industrial warehouses, we can “right-size” the crew to take care of the painting preparation quickly and efficiently. Our teams are trained and certified in dozens of cleaning techniques so we can handle anything that comes our way. For the very finest in industrial cleaning and surface preparation, come to the professionals at Industrial Painting USA.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your industrial warehouse is your “face” to the community, your employees and especially the customers that visit your industrial plant on a regular basis. The team at Industrial Painting USA will give the exterior of your industrial warehouse a fresh new look that will match the corporate image you want to portray. While it is obvious that paint enhances the look of buildings, it’s main function is to protect the surface from weather that can damage the industrial warehouse and reduce its useful life. When mold or mildew buildup is ignored, and badly flaked or chipped paint is neglected, then rot occurs and leads to much more serious and expensive repairs. It is always best to catch these issues early and correct them with a fresh coat of paint rather than wait until extensive damage occurs.

Interior Painting

Painting the interior of your industrial warehouses has a wide variety of benefits. Again, improving the aesthetics is the obvious benefit but there are many more. Light colored paint on the walls and ceilings of your industrial warehouses can improve lighting. Light reflective paint can improve the lighting efficiency by as much as 40% in some circumstances. Better lighting improves safety as well as employee morale. Also, while we are painting the interior of your industrial warehouses we can also paint for all your safety and directional, and maintenance requirements. Of course, just like exterior painting, interior paints protect the surfaces from the interior environment that may damage the surface.


Safety is always a top concern when painting industrial warehouses. The industrial painting environment is dangerous and we take great care to ensure the safety of our crews and your employees. Each team member is trained and certified in safety procedures and the correct way to use every piece of equipment they handle. Painting industrial wareouses often takes place at extreme heights and there is no margin for error.

The scaffolds, lifts, platforms and other temporary structures we use on a daily basis at industrial warehouses are inspected and constructed with strict safety standards in place. Our crew members look out for each other and we always place a high emphasis on the safety rules at your industrial warehouse. During the safety meetings we hold with your management and safety team we will outline how to best to paint the industrial warehouse while keeping everyone safe.


Our goal is always to provide the best service at the most competitive price. We lead the nation in on-time and on-budget performance. There is no substitute for the experience and expertise of the leading nationwide contractor. Make painting your industrial warehouse easy; go with the pros and call Industrial Painting USA today.