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Nationwide Painting Services

Our Nationwide Painting Services

Industrial Painting USA is the leading nationwide services contractor you need to paint any industrial property at any location in the country. Our nationwide painting services are among the best for on-time and on-budget performance. Our nationwide services include capabilities to paint your industrial properties inside and out. Our nationwide painting services also include painting industrial structures, machinery and equipment. Trust the professionals at Industrial Painting USA and your industrial painting is one thing you never have to worry about again!

Industrial Properties of all Types

For more than 40 years our customers have depended on us for nationwide services on all types of industrial properties. From California to Maine our experienced crews have cleaned, sandblasted, scraped, primed and painted every industrial structure imaginable. Our nationwide services include painting at extreme heights and in all types of factory environments. Our nationwide services include painting industrial equipment, machinery, warehouses, factories, ceilings, walls, floors and every structure on your grounds that needs paint!

Accurate Estimates

The quality and accuracy of our estimates set our nationwide services apart from other providers. We take great care to examine the industrial buildings and structures to determine exactly what is needed for the job. In this way we include just what you need to get the results you want…no more and no less. We don’t perform services you don’t need and we give you the option to pick and choose the services you do need.

Our estimating practices allow you to budget accurately for the work you contract with us. While there is always an opportunity to submit a change order that will adjust the project cost, you can bet that we stick to our estimates. It is our years of experience that gives us the deep understanding of project costs and time that makes our estimating so accurate.

Interior And Exterior Painting

Our nationwide painting services include complete interior and exterior painting. While painting walls and ceilings are the most common nationwide services we perform, we also paint floors machinery and equipment for many customers. A fresh coat of paint on the inside of your industrial buildings not only enhances the look but can improve visibility, safety and employee morale. A fresh coat of paint on your equipment and machinery extends it useful life and enhances its trade-in or resale value when you replace it.

Our nationwide painting services include painting safety markers, signage, hazards, warnings and directional painting. We can stencil any message you need as part of our nationwide services. Employee and customer safety is important. If you signage is worn or outdated it can result in on-the-job injuries as well. Not every truck driver that makes deliveries to your plant has been there before. Clear directional painting on your exterior walls, signs and pavement can improve efficiency and safety. If deliveries get to the right part of the factory and stay out of unauthorized areas it is good for everyone. Maintenance can also be improved with industrial painting. Color coding pipes and ducts can help trace problems throughout the factory.

Less Downtime

Our nationwide services include keeping your industrial factory running while we are doing our work. Years of performing nationwide painting services have taught us the best ways to get our work done without interfering with your normal business operations. Our nationwide services cover any shift and weekends as well to stay out of your way while we are working. We are also happy to do the work during your normal scheduled downtime.

Cleaning Services

Our nationwide painting services include expert cleaning services. We remove flaked paint, rust, grime, oils or other debris that will prevent good adhesion of paints and primers. We use a variety of techniques for this but the most common are water blasting and sandblasting. These nationwide services remove a wide range of debris and are safe, efficient and affordable for most applications.

However, special situations can require abrasive blasting with many different materials. We have used everything from crushed walnut shells to dry ice to handle particular applications. Some applications require vacuum blasting that cleans the surface with a abrasive material and vacuums the debris at the same time keeping the surrounding area free of dust and debris. This method is very useful when working around sensitive equipment that could be damaged from flying debris. We are experts at these nationwide services and will recommend the industrial services that meet specifications in the most affordable way.

Full Nationwide Service

Every nationwide painting service we offer is designed for your exact needs. We take the time to listen to your needs and requirements and prepare an estimate and timetable to complete the work. In most cases we detail our nationwide services and costs involved so you can make educated decisions on what portions of the work fit into your maintenance budget for the period in question.

When it is time to paint your industrial buildings there is no better choice than the nationwide services pros at Industrial Painting USA. We have the experience, skill and nationwide reach to handle the work. Call us today for the finest industrial painting nationwide.