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Painting Concrete Walls

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Concrete is a versatile material for building permanent industrial structures. It adheres well to steel to create strongly founded high rises and office buildings. Concrete walls are sturdy and hold up well to environmental factors. In fact, such walls for industrial plants are designed to get stronger as they age. However, they also need to be painted. This protects them from water and sun damage, which can cause cracking. Painted concrete walls are also softer on the eyes than bare ones.

You need experts to help you decide the best paint for concrete walls. There is a huge difference between how we treat exterior and interior walls. Industrial Painting USA can help you with such decisions. We have a team of dedicated experts who will analyze the needs of your structure and design a feasible project within your budget. Your input is always values and incorporated into all our designs.

Painted exterior concrete walls have a long-term guarantee of 10 to 20 years without requiring repainting if the job is well done. The durability of the paint depends on the climate of the structure’s location. Interior walls may last for shorter periods in industrial settings. Exposure to dirt, chemicals, and other impurities due to the activities that occur within causes damage. Therefore, since exterior paint should last longer, it is important to use durable, weather-resistant paint. Such paint options are naturally costly. Cheaper options meant to increase internal functioning such as radiation and light reflection are useful inside.

Our company will work on all your concrete wall painting projects regardless of the size of your project. We have the resources and personnel to implement several projects in different locations at a time. Our team of nationwide contractors will be availed to you regardless of your location in the United States. This service is useful for clients with multiple plants in different locations. We also work on smaller projects with equal dedication. Just reach out to us for a discussion on our rates and other inquiries.

You may have a new project or need a renovation; Industrial Painting USA is the partner to call.  We will clean out your walls by sandblasting to dislodge impurities and apply fresh coats of paint. As experts, we understand the importance of respecting the painting process.  A lack of impurities on the painting surface makes the paint adhere better and last longer. For this reason, we always perform surface preparation before painting all concrete walls. We make no compromises on the quality of our services.

A partnership with Industrial Paintings USA will be one of your best investments in the maintenance of your industrial plant concrete structures. We observe the highest quality standards to help you keep your walls looking newer for longer and saving you money in the process. Besides, a beautifully painted structure will always attract the right kind of attention.

Kindly reach out to any of our representatives via phone or email for any inquiries. Our dedicated team of painting specialists is always ready to cater to your needs.