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Nationwide Painting Contractor

Nationwide Painting Contractor

Industrial Painting USA is a leading nationwide painting contractor offering nationwide contractor services to any sized industrial company. As the leading nationwide contractor we offer free estimates, cleaning service, painting preparation, and the highest quality industrial painting. Make your next industrial painting job a snap by using the premier nationwide contractor, Industrial Painting USA.

We are a full service nationwide contractor. This allows our clients to select one industrial painting contractor to service all of their properties. Regardless of the type, size or location of your industrial buildings, we can handle the job. By selecting Industrial Painting USA as your nationwide painting contractor, you save time and money, plus you are ensured of outstanding quality from a trusted industrial painting contractor.

Save Time

As a leading nationwide painting contractor our extensive experience allows us to mobilize very quickly on industrial painting projects. Time is money. We can quickly and easily prepare accurate estimates and advise you on the best and most cost effective way to paint your industrial buildings. Just call Industrial Painting USA and compare our prices, quality and service to any other nationwide painting contractor or even a local one. You will be amazed at the savings and how quickly we move on your project.

Our team of qualified painters is ready to go once you authorize the work. Experience allows us to order just the right amount of materials so there is no waste. We use modern equipment for maximum efficiency and quality. Our painters are the best in the business from start to finish ensuring the highest quality work. All these factors add up to a nationwide painting contractor that leads the nation in on time and on budget performance. When you consider that we can deliver this service nationwide, you never have to waste time finding a local painting contractor again!


We have been earning our reputation as the leading painting contractor for four decades. Our experienced industrial contractors are well trained and equipped to bring your industrial buildings back to life. As the leading nationwide contractor we get our pick of the best cleaning, preparation and painting crews across the nation. Every team member is an experienced craftsman that is dedicated to doing outstanding work.


We are the nationwide contractor that is focused on quality work performed in a safe working environment. Let’s face it. Industrial painting can be dangerous work. Working at extreme heights and around dangerous equipment can be a challenge. This is why we take no chances with our crews or your employees. We are careful to review all safety standards in detail prior to every job. We also insist on pre-painting meetings to discuss safety with your management team. We make sure our crews adhere to every safety guideline you have in place. We simply never compromise on safety.

Across the Nation

Regardless of your location or building types our nationwide painting contractors deliver the highest quality work. We paint the most complicated industrial buildings, structures and machinery on a regular basis. Our skills and ability mean our clients enjoy the benefit of never having to struggle to find a local painter in any market they have a plant. They simply call Industrial Painting USA and the work is as good as done.

Our nationwide painting contractor services include complete interior and exterior painting. We paint walls and ceilings of any material or texture. Whether its drywall, acoustic tiles, concrete, steel, wood or any other surface, we have the experience to make it look great. We carefully match the application methods, primers, paints or coatings to achieve the best results. Our combination of high quality materials expertly applied by trained professionals is an unbeatable combination.

Nationwide Contractor Services

Our nationwide contractor services cover a wide range of painting related needs. We are adept at industrial cleaning and surface preparation. Our cleaning and preparation services remove any flaked paint, rust, dirt, oil, grease and any other materials that would prevent good paint adhesion. We have at our disposal a selection of abrasive blasting techniques to prepare you buildings on a super-sized scale. We do everything from standard sandblasting to more sophisticated vacuum blasting. We are the pros with the tools and the skills to use them.

However, if you require special cleaning our nationwide contractor services include that as well. Special situations can require anything from blasting with crushed walnut shells to dry ice. We are experts at painting preparation and will recommend the cleaning method that meet specifications in the most affordable way.

Our nationwide painting contractor services are tailored to your exact needs. We carefully evaluate your requirements and prepare an estimate to complete the work. We stick to the budget and established timetable and keep you informed of our progress all along the way. While other painting contractors may take these early steps for granted, we are highly focused because we understand the importance of getting it right from the start.

Make your next industrial cleaning or painting job a breeze. Put the true professionals at Industrial Painting USA to work for you and your industrial painting projects are one less thing for you to worry about.