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Painting Boiler Rooms

painting boiler rooms
Scope Of Work Painting Boiler Rooms

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All industrial plants have a boiler room. It is a room usually hidden from view but is essential to the running of the facility. In the past, boiler rooms contained large boiler tanks used to heat a building. Some large industrial firms still use them for this purpose. In addition to that, modern boiler rooms are also the mechanical center of a facility. They act as maintenance rooms for mechanical and electrical circuits. A fuel source, often electricity in modern industrial plants, heats the water in the boiler tanks for use in heating and humidification.

It does not take much to deduce that expert knowledge is required to paint a boiler room properly. After all, a room that typically has high temperature and humidity. In these conditions, most paints deteriorate and either crack or peel. There is also a high chance of oxidation of metal parts. Boilers themselves need to be painted. The conditions in the room increase the likelihood of rusting and, thus, the breakdown of the tank. This may cause leakage, creating a need for costly replacements. The inside of boiler tanks, pipes, and vents also need to be painted or at least coated with protective material for the same reason.

Industrial Painting USA is a company with a good record of accomplishment and experience painting boiler rooms. We have worked on such projects for numerous companies worldwide. Our business works on any new installation projects or renovations that require boiler rooms to be cleaned and painted. Just call us with your specifications for a quote.

As we are experts in this sector, we understand the painting process. Before beginning the painting project of the boiler room, we first prepare the room and its surfaces. We use abrasive blasting to remove old coatings and other impurities. The next step is to apply primer, then several layers of paint, and finally, a protective topcoat.

Our experts have determined that minimizing the time gap between preparations and painting is important. It reduces the exposure of the cleaned surfaces and prevents them from collecting impurities or oxidizing.  Our boiler room maintenance services ensure that heat and humidity do not ruin your plant. It involves routine inspection, cleaning, and repainting. Boiler rooms tend to need more routine maintenance than other parts of the factory.

The size of your plant is not a matter of concern. Rest assured that we can handle any boiler room project regardless of its dimensions or complexity. Get in touch with any of our offices, countrywide. We will create an appointment and send a consultant to your plant to streamline the process.

When you choose to work with Industrial Paintings USA, you are choosing excellence. We guarantee quality service that considers your safety, compliance to codes, and increased productivity. We boast a team of experienced workers who work in highly cohesive units to meet the needs of our clients. We are with you every step of the way. Call us today for the best boiler room painting services and get value for your money.