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Painting Industrial Facilities

painting industrial facilities
Scope Of Work Painting Industrial Facilities

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Painting Industrial Facilities

Industrial Painting USA is the leading company in the US, offering all types of painting on a wide range of industrial facilities. We have been in this industry for close to five decades now, painting different types of factory facilities irrespective of the size or type. We are not limited to any size or scope of the factory facility to paint. We have nationwide contractor services, which are fully scalable. Once you contact us, we ensure to make do a thorough analysis and understand all the factors for your factory. We are a company with right structures and skillful personnel to handle the task within strict deadlines.

Notably, painting industrial facilities is quite demanding and involves a wide range of elements. As a painting company, we understand how to distinguish different painting needs for specific structures, surfaces, and machinery in a factory. It is important because it is the surest way of attaining the best results from this undertaking. In our last five decades in operation, we have painted various types of components in different factories.

Painting industrial facilities such as water tanks and silos require special attention due to their elevation. They are also exposed to a quite number of harsh weather conditions. At Industrial Painting USA, we have enough personnel who comes for an on-site visit to evaluate such structures. They determine and recommend the best ways possible to clean and ultimately paint them accordingly. To us, height is never an issue that can compromise our services. We have the necessary skills, equipment, and experience to handle such projects.

Some components in a typical factory setting, such as overhead cranes, conveyors, and container cranes, are quite complicated. It requires meticulousness and carefulness since these are moving parts. Such facilities must be cleaned and painted using specific techniques to guarantee desirable results. For instance, at Industrial Painting USA, we often use methods such as sandblasting, dry ice blasting, and many more abrasive blasting techniques. This is to ensure the surface preparation of these facilities is perfectly done awaiting painting.

Chimneys and incinerators are also critical components to look into when painting industrial facilities. Typically, they are exposed to smoke, high heat, and chemicals from emissions of the products being processed. However, with painting, these facilities become resistant to all these unfavorable conditions they are exposed to. Moreover, they also get a fresh look, which makes them aesthetically appealing. As a professional painting contractor, we have all the relevant machinery, such as lifts and scaffolds, for performing these tasks.

But most importantly, safety remains our top priority when painting industrial facilities. We have properly trained painters who execute all the safety measures in making sure the properties and people are protected during and after painting. Most painting contractors are usually intimated by large-scale projects such as painting factory facilities. The major reason is often that they have inadequate facilities, which guarantee safety measures when handling these projects. However, at Industrial Painting USA, large-scale projects are our forte. We derive great pleasure from working on such projects and fulfilling our mission to provide a quality job.