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Painting Dock Levelers

painting dock levelers
Scope Of Work Painting Dock Levelers

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Discover Quality in Painting Dock Levelers with Industrial Painting USA

Dock levelers are indispensable in the transition between production and distribution. They adjust the height of the factory floor so it can be easy to load heavy packages onto the waiting trucks. This mechanism helps to prevent serious injuries and accidents for forklift drivers and manual loaders. The hydraulic pumps on the leveler are for lifting and lowering the dock plate during loading. Without dock levelers, so much time would be lost during the transfer process. As you know, in business, time is money.  Like other parts of an industrial plant, dock levelers require protective clothing to keep them in working shape for longer.

Painting dock levelers is another specialty project that our company, Industrial Painting USA, engages in. We have experience in painting both the top and bottom of these systems without damaging their functionality.  Coating dock levelers systems correctly is crucial because they have a delicate mechanism. It is important to use products that can withstand the motion of adjusting them up and down. These are points of friction, and peeling can expose the metal underneath to oxidation.  It is also important to note that dock levelers are outdoor structures that are subject to the elements. Weatherproofing is, therefore, crucial when painting these devices.

A good paint job should improve the productivity of an industrial plant. Painting dock levelers usually uses reflective paint so that they are visible to truck drivers backing up to them. Yellow and black stripes on the leveler are a standard combination. Still, we can use your preferred color combination or suggest other suitable templates.  Coating the device minimizes corrosion and rusting from environmental exposure. Since they are typically located outside the factor, our recommendation is to coat dock levelers with weather-resistant paint. Lack of proper coating will cause oxidation and increase the risk of breaking down or the adjustment system getting stuck. The paint coat prevents such incidences.

At Industrial Painting USA, we believe that collaborating with our clients leads to the best project outcomes. We implement these policies in all our projects, including painting dock levelers. You, as the client, have the final verdict on all decisions made during the planning and implementation of your project.  Take time to discuss all the above factors with a client before starting a project. We offer expert advice but also consider your preference when designing a project.

You can trust Industrial Painting USA to paint any section of your plant, including your dock levelers. We use quality paints and materials that will save you money in the long term. Our team consists of experienced contractors who are spread out all over the country, from coast to coast. Be sure that we will be available at your convenience when you need us. We also offer services in some areas outside the United States.

We are offering decades of experience in industrial painting, skilled workers, a seamless production process, and value at the most competitive prices you have ever seen. Contact us today for a quote on any service in this category.