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Industrial Painting Contractor

Your Industrial Painting Contractor

Industrial Painting USA is the leading industrial painting contractor nationwide. Our industrial contractor services include painting everything from industrial buildings and structures to industrial machinery. When you need an industrial painting contractor for a tough job then look no further than the industrial contractor with over forty years of experience.

We paint industrial properties all across the nation. This includes industrial ceilings, walls, floors, interior, exterior and all related services. Our industrial contractor services include cleaning, surface preparation and expert consultation on the most cost-effective way to get the high-quality industrial painting services you want. You simply can’t beat our experience as an industrial painting contractor. We have the skills, equipment and technicians to do the job safely and efficiently. For the best in quality and overall cost savings, you can’t match the team at Industrial Painting USA.


From the time we take your first call right up through the completed work you will be impressed with our professionalism. As the leading nationwide contractor we have learned what our customers want and need and we have designed our industrial painting around these standards. We understand the demands of schedules and budget constraints. We know that downtime is lost time and we work with you to accommodate your factory schedule and minimize any downtime for the industrial painting of your facilities.


As the leading industrial painting contractor we can handle the challenges of any industrial painting job regardless of its size or complexity. We paint brick, concrete, steel, aluminum, wood or any other surfaces on your property. We are the nationwide contractor that tailors our approach and methods to match your climate, making sure we use materials designed for the heat, cold, salt air or arid conditions your industrial property is located in. Besides just making your industrial property look good, we paint for corrosion protection, slip protection, mold reduction, directional signage and safety requirements. We paint everything from anti-skid flooring to structural steel and wood surfaces. When it comes to choosing an industrial contractor, keep in mind that every job is unique. It’s our extensive experience that has prepared us to handle any job that comes our way. Choose the best industrial contractor. Choose Industrial Painting USA.

Industrial Contractor Skills

Industrial Painting is best handled by an experienced industrial contractor. In most cases the painting preparation requires industrial grade cleaning and surface preparation that internal staff and inexperienced painters are often not equipped to handle. Using equipment improperly creates safety hazards and can do more harm than good! We have the skills and techniques needed to do the job quickly and safely.

As the leading nationwide contractor we are skilled, flexible and able to offer a wide range of preparation processes, as well as coating techniques and methods. As a busy industrial contractor we invest a significant amount of time in staying current with the latest materials and techniques to keep your industrial buildings looking great.


When you select us as your industrial painting contractor you benefit from our extensive experience. With industrial painting and coating, one has to be careful to select the correct materials. Coatings used for high temperatures can be very different from those used for machinery and equipment. Our experts recommend the best acrylics, enamels, epoxies, stains and other types of coatings to meet your specific needs. We use only the best materials from the nation’s top painting and coating manufacturers.

Estimating Expertise And Paperwork

When you hire Industrial Painting USA you always get an expert industrial contractor at competitive prices. We use the best estimating practices in the business. We carefully examine the properties to be painted and prepare a detailed estimate of the recommended work. Because of our depth of understanding as an industrial contractor, we produce estimates that are spot on. From the estimate to the final invoice there are no surprises.

As the leading nationwide contractor we are adept at generating estimates, invoices and other paperwork that fit well into your accounting and business management systems. In order to meet the needs of our clients we’ve adapted our invoicing and estimating systems to meet a wide range of billing and reporting requirements. This way you not only get outstanding service, but also accurate invoices with the documentation you need. Have a special request for invoicing? Just let us know. We can almost always accommodate it.


Our technicians are skilled at performing quality work while always maintaining high safety standards. Being an industrial contractor can be dangerous and we take no chances with the safety of or crews or your employees. Our industrial contractors are expertly trained in all the equipment, scaffolds and lifts we use on a regular basis. No team member uses any piece of equipment before they are trained and certified.

When it comes to industrial painting services there is no job too big or small for the go-to industrial painting contractors at Industrial Painting USA. We are the industrial contractor that hundreds of major companies depend on for all their industrial painting and cleaning. Call the experts today and see what a positive impact a professional industrial contractor makes on your bottom line.