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Industrial Plant Painting

Painting Industrial Plants

As a busy plant or facilities manager you are responsible for cleaning and painting industrial plants. You want a leading nationwide contractor that can handle cleaning and painting industrial plants across the nation. You want the best work for a competitive price and you don’t want to be hassled with excessive downtime or paperwork. Industrial Painting USA was founded on these very principles over 40 years ago to make your life a little easier. To save time and hassle call the pros at Industrial Painting USA today for a free estimate for all your industrial plant painting.


Industrial Painting USA is a full-service cleaning and painting contractor with the resources and skills for cleaning and painting industrial plants across the nation. Our services start with the very best industrial cleaning so that your industrial plant is ready for primers, paints and coatings. Expert cleaning is followed with application of primers to make sure there is good adhesion for the finish paints and coatings.

Our services cover painting every aspect of your industrial plants. This includes the interiors, exteriors, walls, floors, and of course ceilings. Along with these services we paint industrial structures, buildings, warehouses, parking facilities, machinery, equipment and even parking lots. We are truly a one-stop shop for cleaning and painting industrial plants of every type.


A key value at Industrial Painting USA is the quality and consistency of our estimating. We take estimating very seriously because it sets the tone for the entire project. Accurate estimates are essential in cleaning and painting industrial plants and less experienced contractors often struggle with this key element of the job. We understand every aspect of cleaning and painting industrial plants in such detail that the estimating is a natural extension of that process.

We don’t overlook important areas for cleaning and we take great care to always select the most cost-effective methods and procedures. We order just the right amount of materials and the correct crew size and equipment lists. This reduces costs and keeps the project on schedule. We don’t want our customers waiting on us while we’re waiting on a piece of equipment to arrive. We are detailed in our approach and this means that our work comes off without a hitch.


We are the industry leaders in on-time performance for cleaning and painting industrial plants. We know you can’t afford to have facilities shut down for painting maintenance any longer than what is absolutely necessary. We are adept at getting the work done and staying out of your way while we do it. We paint on all shifts and weekends to accommodate your schedule. We are willing and able to schedule our work during your schedule downtime as well.

As the leading nationwide contractor we have an excellent team of qualified technicians, painters and project managers ready for cleaning and painting industrial plants. It does not matter what the scope of work is. We are the go-to industrial painting company that can handle the job at any location in the country.

Value Engineering

We begin cleaning and painting industrial plants by value engineering every possible aspect of our work. We are constantly looking for ways to help you save time, money and downtime in your operations by making recommendations on cleaning and painting industrial plants in the most cost effective way. During our cleaning process we often find areas that your maintenance team might not see which could cause problems for you down the road. It is this commitment to customers that makes us tops for painting industrial plants.

Industrial Plant Types

We paint all types of industrial plants. This includes: recycling plants, refineries, packing plants, bottling plants, agricultural plants, chemical plants, factories, steel plants, utilities, automotive, waste disposal and hundreds of other industrial plants. These plants are the lifeblood of our nation supplying much needed resources and raw materials to other industries and manufactures. We take great pride in being part of the team that keeps these industrial plants up and running.

Quality And Professionalism

Over our forty plus years in business we have carefully evaluated the needs of our client base. We take care to allow our business practices to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our industrial painting clients. Client needs sometimes change in how they prefer to receive invoices and estimates. We are flexible enough in our business practices to allow us to make cleaning and painting industrial plants a simple process on the administrative side regardless of how complicated it might be on the performance side.

One thing that never changes is our commitment to quality and your complete satisfaction with our work. We use the best materials and equipment to ensure that the finished painting lasts as long as possible in the harsh industrial environments we work in. While no paint or coating is impervious to the steady stream of acids, salt, chemicals and corrosives that they come in contact with on a daily basis, we make sure we use the right paints and coatings to protect your faculties and equipment for as long as possible before recoating is needed. For the finest in cleaning and painting industrial plants, call the pros at Industrial Painting USA.