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Painting Dust Collectors

painting dust collectors
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Painting Dust Collectors: An Effective Way of Removing Paint Dust

Air quality is a vital aspect of a painting shop. This makes painting dust collectors critical. These collectors are an essential utility in various painting fields ranging from automotive, woodworking to industrial painting.

Why do you need painting dust collectors?

Painting dust poses a risk not only to you but even to the environment. It is therefore critical that you install these collectors on your applications due to reasons such as:

  • Health and environmental hazard

Paint dust contains various chemicals and metal, which posse health and environmental hazard. Employees working around these zones are likely to experience health complications due to the low quality of the air they breathe. The polluted air may hurt the surrounding plants, thereby destroying nature. However, you can improve the quality of air around the painting zones by using paint dust collectors.

  • Fire hazard

Certain paints consist of flammable elements that pose a fire hazard during the painting session. The risk of igniting fire during the process is high, which can lead to financial loss.  The use of these collectors helps in minimizing the chances of a fire breaking out around the working session.

  • Cost

The use of these collectors helps in minimizing the overall operational cost. Among the cost you save through the use of the collector include heath implication cost.

Limitations of painting dust collectors

Among the various limitations that you will experience when using these collectors include:

  • Purchasing cost

The initial purchasing cost is relatively high. This implies that you have to budget appropriately before purchasing them.  You also have to hire qualified personnel to operate these collectors. This is a challenge in situations where such funds are not readily available.

  • Cleaning hazard

Proper cleaning of the collectors involves removing all the paint particles from the collectors. This should be in a conducive process without causing health problems to the handlers. Cleaning can be hazardous if you don’t do it properly hence a limitation to its use.

Considerations when purchasing painting dust collectors

It would help if you considered the following when purchasing an ideal collector for your use:

  • Environment work type

The working environment dictates the type of collector you should install. This is because the different working environment has different paint release process. For instance, the paint release process for a woodworking process is different from that of an automotive process.

  • Installation process

The installation process should take into account the ease of paint dust removal from the painting zones. This ensures there is clean air for those operating these areas. You also should take into consideration the ease of cleaning the collector. Proper cleaning should effectively remove paint particles from the collector.

  • Type of paint

Different paints have different particle sizes. The release mechanism during painting leaves these particles in the air. You, therefore, need a collector that can remove these particles effectively, ensuring there is clean air for the operators and the environment. You can check on the particles that a particular collector can remove before electing one for your use. We at Industrial painting USA have the necessary experience and expertise to handle your paint dust collector problems. Contact us today for quality solutions.