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Industrial Painting Services

Our Industrial Painting Services

The industrial painting services at Industrial Painting USA cover everything from estimating to maintenance programs. Our customers appreciate that our depth and breadth of experience makes any industrial painting services they need quick and easy. They simply call us and explain the painting services they need and we spring into action. Our consistently fast and accurate estimates and on-time performance make us the leading nationwide contractor.

Our painting services help customers project a professional image of their industrial complex to prospective customers, investors and employees. Appearances matter. They matter not only for the aesthetics but paint is a barrier that protects buildings and equipment form corrosion and rot. We keep your valuable property protected and looking good.

Estimating You Can Trust

At Industrial Painting USA we are as serious about estimating as we are about painting. We believe that as the leading painting contractor we have an obligation to prepare estimates as accurately as possible. Our estimating practices ensure that there are no surprises when you receive our invoices. Paperwork is an important part of the job and out painting services start with getting the estimate right.

Our mission is to tailor our industrial painting services to your specifications and requirements. Starting with a complete evaluation of your industrial complex we examine the condition of every building, structure and machine you want us to paint. At this stage we can look for problem areas and address your concerns

We pay special attention to areas with corrosion, rot, rust or mold as these areas will require special attention. Our expert painting preparation teams can handle any of these areas with ease. We have done everything from scraping minor paint flaking to replacing entire wall sections that are too badly damaged to be painted.

Industrial painting is very complex and requires extensive experience and skill in applying a wide assortment of materials and coatings. Our team makes recommendations based on the most cost-effective materials for your particular application. As the leading nationwide contractor we know the best way to efficiently paint your industrial properties. This experience always saves our customers time and money. The end result is always protecting your valuable assets from corrosion or rot.

Painting Preparation And Cleaning

Quality painting begins with expert painting preparation and cleaning. It is impossible to understate the importance of surface preparation when talking about industrial painting services. We make sure that every surface is cleaned of paint chips, dirt, grease or any other material that would prevent good adhesion of paints and primers.

Part of our preparation includes protecting your buildings and grounds from damage during the cleaning process. We are careful when moving our equipment and use tarps and temporary barriers to protect surrounding structures from damage during the cleaning and preparation steps. Safety is job one and we make sure that no unnecessary risks are taken.

Safety Meetings

To make certain our industrial painting services are conducted in the safest manner our painting services include meetings with your management team to discuss the details of safety requirements. We will review the scope of work involved and make sure that everyone understands the established safety zones. Our team will be informed on the availability of safety equipment and we make sure all rules are followed. We want to get our work completed in the safest manner possible and return your facility to normal operations.

Expert Application

Once the cleaning and preparation is completed our painting services move to the next stage of applying the primers, paints and coatings. Our highly skilled technicians use only the highest quality materials from the nation’s best paint manufacturers. We use paints that are specifically formulated for your applications. Paints that are skid resistant, chemical resistant, heat resistant or other specifications are readily available and we take advantage of this technology to get the very best results with our industrial painting services.

The expert crews at Industrial Painting USA use the finest equipment to give your buildings and machinery a like-new finish. Whether its brush, roller or sprayer you can’t beat quality paints, expertly applied on well-prepared surfaces. That is exactly what we deliver at Industrial Painting USA.

Customer Satisfaction

We’ve earned our nationwide reputation as a leading painting contractor by delivering the best customer satisfaction of any leading painting contractor. Our painting services are second to none and we go to great lengths to keep it that way. We never nickel and dime our customers by using the “fine print” to charge for additional services that were never agreed to in writing. We treat every customer with the care and concern that makes them choose us again and again for all their painting services.

We are the go-to company for quality and customer service. It’s really quite simple. We make sure that our work is completed on-time and within the established budget. If you want the satisfaction of contracting with a company that makes sure everything is done with highest degree of professionalism call the industrial painting pros at Industrial Painting USA.