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Industrial Services

Our Industrial Services

Industrial Painting USA is well known throughout the country for its expertise in a wide variety of industrial services. Our industrial services include cleaning and painting plus all related services such as sandblasting and pressure washing. We perform industrial services on every type of industrial building and factory. We work inside and outside and during any time of the day or night. In fact, when it’s crunch time and you have to have a project done quickly, our crews work nights and weekends to get the job done on time.

Cleaning Services

Our industrial services include regular cleaning of factory equipment. Servicing drains, tanks and other equipment is an important task that often makes more sense to outsource to industrial cleaning professionals, rather than trying to do it in-house. Our industrial services save our clients money by avoiding the cost and maintenance of expensive and specialized cleaning equipment and carrying extra payroll and benefits associated with additional cleaning staff. Plus, when you hire Industrial Painting USA you only pay for services when you need them.

Our Industrial services include cleaning floors, machinery, industrial buildings and equipment. Cleaning grease, oil and paint from machinery and vehicles, chemical cleaning and abrasive blasting are just a few of the dozens of industrial cleaning services we offer to our ever-growing list of nationwide clients.

Painting Services

At the top of our industrial services list is of course painting! Our painting projects serve many purposes. They make your industrial structures, buildings and machinery look great, protect them from the elements and also make them easier to clean and maintain. We even offer color coding to make it easier to identify where a particular piece of equipment belongs within your industrial complex or grounds. While we love to make your buildings look fantastic, we also know that we are applying a barrier that protects buildings and equipment from corrosion and rot. We keep your valuable property protected and looking good. Asset protection is just one of many benefits to our industrial painting services.


Our industrial services include the often difficult challenge of painting industrial ceilings. We paint every type of industrial ceiling including concrete, drywall, plaster, composites, steel, aluminum, corrugated, fiberglass, mineral and many more. We can paint ceilings of any size or height in any part of the country. And we do this with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our customers appreciate our experience in painting industrial ceilings. We are the go-to professionals nationwide with the skills, experience and resources to get the job done right.

Walls And Floors

Painting walls and floors are also an integral part of our industrial services. We handle the interior or exterior walls on any size building or factory complex. We start with expert preparation and move quickly to outstanding application. We apply primers, paints and coatings in the most cost-effective manner. Whether its spray, brush, roller or electro coating, our skilled technicians can handle it quickly and efficiently and at a very competitive price.


At Industrial Painting USA we view estimating as an industrial service. It is no less important than any other job we undertake. We strive to make our estimates the industry’s best and most accurate. Our years of experience have taught us that our customers depend on us not only for superior quality work, but accurate estimates so they can plan and prepare budgets. Paperwork is an important part of the job and our industrial services start with getting the estimate right.

Our mission is to tailor our industrial services to your exact specifications. Beginning with a complete evaluation of your industrial complex, we note the condition of every building, structure and machine you want us to clean, paint or coat. At this stage we identify problem areas and address your concerns

We make sure you are aware of any areas with excessive rot, rust or mold as these areas will require special attention, or perhaps even replacement. Our industrial service teams can handle any of these challenges with ease. We have done everything from scraping minor paint flaking to replacing entire wall sections that are too badly damaged to be repaired. We always have your best interest in mind.


Safety is a top priority at Industrial Painting USA. We work in a wide variety of factories and industrial complexes. We encounter dangerous situations on a regular bases. Our crews are the best in the business, not just because of the quality of their work, it’s also due to their commitment to safety. This dedication to safety extends to your team and facilities as well. The goal is always to be injury free.

Customer Satisfaction

Our 40 plus years in the business are a testimony to our attention to detail and customer satisfaction. We thoroughly understand the needs of our customers. Every project presents its own set of unique challenges. Our experience carries the day and ensures that at the conclusion of the project you are absolutely thrilled with the end result. It is quite common for our customers to have very specific rules and regulations related to safety, access, unions, equipment along with specific needs for purchase orders, work orders, change orders and the dozens of other important day-to-day issues that can be a headache if not handled properly. We specialize in handling these things exactly the way you desire. It’s simply our way of doing business.