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Painting Conveyors

painting conveyors
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Why Painting Conveyors Requires Special Care for the Best Outcomes

Conveyors are systems used to move things along in an assembly line. These devices are important in the production line because they move the products through different stages of production. They are necessary for bottling, assembly, packaging, and food production factories, among others.  Conveyors, like other machinery, need a protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion, as this could lead to their break down.

Painting conveyers is one of the distinct projects that Industrial Painting USA works on. They typically come in two types, belt and overhead conveyors. We have experience in painting both belt and overhead systems without damaging their functionality.  Belt conveyors are installed on stands bolted to the floor, where they carry heavy items and manual assembly lines. Overhead systems are common in automated factories that deal with lightweight products. Some plants even have a combination of the two.  Coating conveyor systems correctly is crucial because they are moving systems. It is important to use products that can withstand the motion and to avoid points of friction that can cause peeling. Our company assesses the needs of your plant and chooses the best type of paint to do the job.

A conveyor has two parts to consider. The first one is the belt or line system, which moves along the assembly line and holds the items you are producing. The stands that hold up the conveyor form the second. These parts come from different materials for efficiency, so their paint needs also vary. The stands are steel, so painting these parts is done using heavy-duty paint suited for metal. The belt system receives coating using liquid rubber, metallic coating, or nano-coating. These are the most flexible options when it comes to moving parts. Food grade paint is best suited for conveyor systems in a food processing plant. Heat resistant or waterproof products are more suitable for certain types of conveyors. The use of a belt determines the best paint for it.

A good conveyor paint job does improve the productivity of an industrial plant. It creates a seamless flow throughout the conveyor system by minimizing corrosion. Oxidized parts may otherwise crank up and cause the belt to break down during production. The coating prevents such incidences.

Painting these systems also promotes safety. These belts are part of heavy machinery. If they broke apart, they could fall on people and damage other equipment on the factory floor. Painting conveyors also saves money spent on repairs and replacements. Conveyors are prone to painting and repainting more often than other structures in an industrial plant. These systems warrant frequent inspection, cleaning, and repainting. Our firm offers all these services at an affordable price.

We take you through a thorough process from the design to implementation. This guarantees a satisfying outcome for both the client and us. When working with conveyors, expertise matters.  We have the experience to meet all your specifications and more. Allow us to collaborate with you as you embark on your next conveyor-painting project, and you will not be disappointed. Our contact details are available on this website.