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Abrasive Blasting Steel

abrasive blasting steel
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Get the Best in Abrasive Blasting Steel Structures

Steel is a standard for use in making industrial equipment and structures. It is a sturdy metal with a high durability profile. Steel is also cheaper and lighter than most materials, making it efficient for use in large structures. Even with all its benefits, steel has a tendency to oxidize, which compromises its structural integrity. It is, therefore, crucial to clean and coat it if one wishes to ensure a long life span. Industrial Painting USA uses abrasive blasting techniques for this.

Applying a coat on steel is the only way to reduce oxidation and minimize the cost of maintaining it. Surface coating preparation is crucial as it rids the steel of impurities and makes it more adhesive to the protective coating. You might also need to remove an old layer of coating on a steel surface and prepare the substrate for a new one. This is where abrasive blasting comes in. The method replaces other labour-intensive techniques such as sanding or wire brushing. It speeds up the process and saves the client money in the end. It is also more effective in removing impurities on the steel surface.

Blasting new steel before you begin to use it is a recommendation we give all our clients. The high tendency of the metal to collect rust alters its appearance. It is also less likely to hold the paint or other protective coating applied to it. This means that your plant will be needing a fresh coat of paint sooner than necessary. A factory can lose a lot of money on maintenance with these kinds of mistakes. This is why proper preparation of steel surfaces before they are coated is crucial.

Here at Industrial Painting USA, we care about creating value for our clients. This is why we ensure that we maintain all the right conditions conducive to maintaining the integrity of your steel structure during the blasting procedure. For instance, keeping temperature and humidity low during this process prevents oxidation. These conditions are maintained during the coating process to encourage quick and even drying.

Our team of experts is keen on observing safety during service provision. Particles released when abrasive blasting steel can harm a person if they contact the skin, eyes. Inhaling them also increases the risk of respiratory illnesses.  Our company ensures that all our personnel working in a plant have protective wear. We also care about the safety of your workers, so we have protocols that keep them out of the area where the blasting occurs. Routine clean up during the process using wet methods or filtered vacuuming also minimizes harmful accumulations.

Using a service that has been in this business for long is a smart choice for your business. Our company has been in business for more than four decades. Industrial Painting USA is a leader in offering steel cleaning and painting solutions all over the United States. We have the latest environmentally friendly solutions to help you achieve the best outcome. Give us a call for further discussions or any inquiries. We are open to serve you at all times.