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Painting Steel Doors

painting interior steel doors
Scope Of Work Painting Steel Doors

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Professional Steps In Painting Steel Doors

Steel doors offer quality in regards to weather resistance, security, and general functionality. However, it is always important to keep the surfaces rust-free and welcoming. The ideal way of attaining this is through painting. In most instances, the paint on steel door surfaces often lasts for a while. It thus implies there will be a need for repainting from time to time. When painting steel doors, there are a few procedural steps which help in attaining the best results overall. These steps include the following;

Cover the surfaces you don’t want to paint

Notably, the paint drying times, as well as environmental factors, can always turn into a multiday project. Therefore, you need to cover the surface adjacent to the door before you start painting. It is essential because it prevents the paint from spreading to unwanted surfaces when painting steel doors.

Clean the door thoroughly

Use a degreaser or any recommended cleaning detergent to clean the steel door surfaces thoroughly. It is vital because it helps in the removal of loose dust and particles. It is also a suitable technique for beginning surface preparation before painting the surface of the steel door accordingly.

Sand the door

Depending on the size of the door, use the ideal method to sand it as a way of removing any loose paint or debris. You can use a sanding block and rough up the surface. While at it, ensure you wear safety glasses and dust marks as safety measures when handling this task.

Clear the sanding dust

Now wipe down the entire door to enable removal of dust particles as a result of sanding. Where possible, use pressure or a relatively damp cloth depending on the size of the door. Once done, allow it to dry completely.

Apply primer

If you are painting steel doors with a smooth surface, ensure to roll out the first coat of primer using a short-nap roller and allow it to dry. If your steel doors have recessed panels, begin by using a small brush to enable you to prime the interior panels first. Once done, roll the primer onto mullion and finally onto the rails and outside edges. Let the primer dry based on the manufacturer’s instruction, then apply a second coat.

Apply paint

Add two coats of paint using the same process you did with primer and allow it to dry accordingly. When painting steel doors, ensure you work for days when the weather is favorable. Where possible, prepares the doors in advance to allow you enough time for applying the primer and paint. After the paint dries, remove the painter’s tape carefully the replace any hardware or weather-stripping you’d detached.

Well, it is quite apparent painting steel doors, whether residential or industrial, requires a professional touch. It can be stressful since it requires a variety of tools and equipment, as well as thorough knowledge. If you are looking for a suitable professional painting company for such projects, Industrial Painting USA is always an email or phone call away.