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Painting Oil Refineries

painting oil refineries
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Tricks for Painting Oil Refineries Using Spraying Technique

When painting oil refineries, you always need to be thorough to ensure you get the best results, which would last longer. Many customers are usually confused about the ideal technique to use when it comes to painting surfaces of these facilities. However, spraying is becoming a phenomenal technique, which guarantees the best results always in industrial painting. Nonetheless, it is always important to understand a few tricks when using spraying as the technique for painting surfaces of oil refineries. Some of these tricks include the following;

Ensure that you properly prepare the surface by removing dust, debris, oil deposits, and old paint as well. There are several ways you can use to prepare the surface, such as scrubbing using sandpaper, wire brush, emery cloth, or sandblasting, among others. The essence is to ensure you get the bare metal ready for it to accept paint. If possible, consider using something such as denatured alcohol to guarantee there is no oils remain on the surface of the tank. After completing this step, refrain from touching the surface with your bare hands since it leaves oils behind. Therefore, make sure you use a rag or disposable rubber gloves.

The second trick is to protect the areas of the oil refineries surfaces you don’t want to be painted. Masking tape, in many instances, often comes in handy in such situations. Of course, there are other brands you may consider as long as the job is done perfectly. Use a new hobby knife or a razor blade to trim part of the excess tape. And while at it, always make sure you wear disposable rubber gloves. It is vital since it helps in preventing the prepared surfaces from contamination.

The next trick in painting oil refineries is ensuring the work is done in controlled environments. It should be away from direct sunlight and away from the wind that would blow dust and debris onto your work. Most of the oil refineries usually occupy large spaces hence making it a bit difficult to control the environment. However, you can always come up with makeshift structures to provide a controlled environment.

When the time for painting comes, ensure you use several coats of paint and ensure you are doing it uniformly all over the surface of the components. Once you are done, allow the paint to dry. In most cases, the oil refinery surfaces would require about three coats to achieve the perfect finish. And while at it, ensure all the safety measures are adhered to. It is better to confirm the type of paint color you want to apply. Ideally, the choice should enhance the aesthetic appeal in addition to other core elements such as durability.

Spray painting oil refineries is ideal since it yields better results within the shortest time possible. However, it is always recommended to seek the assistance of a certified company to handle such projects for you. Industrial Painting USA is one of the popular professional painting companies in the US you may consider for all your oil refineries painting projects.