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Painting Breweries

painting breweries
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Painting Breweries with Superior Excellence at Industrial Painting USA

Industrial Painting USA is not a stranger to breweries. They are essentially bottling plants for beer. However, the process of making the drink is not as easy as mixing ingredients. The mixture must ferment in specially designed chambers. Due to the technicality of the process, so expertise goes into painting a brewery. It has different sections, and we handle each of them according to its purpose. In the 49 years, we have been in operations, our company has collaborated with renowned breweries the world over. We are specialists in painting breweries in both the exterior and interior.

Exterior painting is a lot like painting any other building. We prepare the substrate by cleaning the dust, smog, and other chemical and natural impurities that accumulate. Next, we apply weather-resistant coats of paint. The building structure can withstand strong winds, the sun’s heat, heavy rains, snow, ad other climatic conditions. Painting the exterior improves how it looks and protects the structure from corrosion and oxidation.

Painting breweries in the interior is a lot more complex. All the walls, floors, ceilings, and equipment must get adequate coating. The paint used must account for thermal conductivity. This is because the rooms must be kept at a certain temperature for fermentation to occur naturally. The state of the room can, therefore, affect the quality and taste of beer. This makes this process particularly important. The paint must also no retain moisture as this leads to damage or growth of harmful fungus.

Painting the bottling sector of the brewery is also different. The paints used must be tough to withstand the pressure and motion of the machinery. Peeling and cracking are intolerable as these particles may contaminate the beverages. The toxicity of the paint is also kept at a minimum to prevent harm to consumers.

Breweries often receive visitors. For this reason, a great paint job is important. It makes an impression on the touring party and can be part of your marketing strategy. Besides, the functionality of and lifespan of the brewery improves. In the end, you even save money on repairs and maintenance by paying for quality services in the first place.

Our company understands the significance of safety first. Unlike most other kinds of industrial plants, the equipment used in breweries should be safe to handle products meant for human consumption. This fact affects the type or pains and cleaning products used to prepare and paint these factories.  Food grade products are thus used. When coating the inside of fermentation chambers, the coating used should withstand corrosion from the beer’s acidity.

At Industrial Painting USA, we believe in collaborating with our clients to achieve the best outcomes for both parties. Consequently, we make a point to discuss all the above factors with a client before starting a project. We offer expert advice but also consider your preference when designing a project. Our policies dictate that nothing is achievable without your approval.  Reach out to us for great deals and quality services. Our doors are open to everyone that needs our services.