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Green Paint Innovation For Painting Contractors In Florence, KY

Those in Florence, KY can enjoy services of Industrial Painting USA in addition to the favorable weather conditions. Painting contractors are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that green painting is sweeping becoming a global phenomenon. It is, therefore, up to industrial painting contractors to up their game and adapts to this changing technology. A decrease in the construction industry as a result of the financial crisis has forced most construction stakeholders to embrace this new technology. This is partly due to its relatively cheaper cost.

Though cost reduction is a significant relief to most construction shareholders, it is not the only element that is causing this increase in green painting. Green painting is an eco-friendly option which helps in environmental conservation. This increase is a challenge to paint manufacturers and those that supply raw material. These stakeholders have to work tirelessly to offer environment- friendly paints and also materials that adhere to the environmental standards.

At the moment, most paint distributors have increased their stock of green paints which come in different brands. This is an excellent indicator of painting contractors since they can easily access these paints. We can attribute the growth of green paints to many years of consistent research and innovation. This has resulted in paints that not only offer the same luster as other paints but also helps in environment conservation. One such paint is the latex paint which removes the toxic solvent. The use of poisonous solvent causes air pollution that affects us while inhaling and also the ozone layer. The use of latex paint, therefore, helps in improving air quality.

Another technological advancement towards green paint technology is the elimination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). VOC is an environmental hazard that aids in air pollution which poses a risk to the health of humans. Use of paints with VOC facilitates respiratory problems to both the industrial painters and the building occupants. It has therefore been a goal of paint manufacturers to manufacture paints that have less or none VOCs.

Addition of water-repellent characteristics on outer coats is the other innovation. This makes the walls to have a self-cleaning feature that allows for easy cleaning of walls while leaving the walls dry. It also helps in maintaining the color for long. Raw material suppliers have also been busy researching materials that are friendly to the environment. For instance, the new emulsion polymers assist manufacturers in manufacturing low odor and low VOC paints without having to use detrimental coalescent.

The technology available currently allows for green paints that reduce the application as well as the drying period for these paints. This is advantageous to paint contractors as well as construction shareholders. Yet another innovation is in the use of biocidal products that have zero organic solvents. This allows for safe paint manufacturing as well as easy application by paint contractors. Perhaps as you consider planning your painting project, you need to consider going for green paints.

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