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Painting Floors

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Painting Floors: How To Get It Right

Floor painting is a tradition that is gaining momentum as a cost-effective way of adding flair to your interior. However, given the different types of floors, there is a need to get the painting job right to bring out the desired results.

Why the need for painting floors?

  • Cost-effective

Floor painting is a cost-effective way of improving the interior and exterior design of your building. Particular floors, such as laminated or vinyl floors, require you to install on top of the concrete floors. This may prove to be costly since you can easily paint the concrete floors.

  • Easy process

Floor painting is relatively easier compared to the installation of other types of floors such as vinyl or laminated floors. You only require the painting skills to get the right outlook for your floors.

  • Environment friendly

You cannot recycle certain types of flooring options such as vinyl, when they are worn out. This creates a problem for those around them and the environment.  However, you reduce the waste once you apply paint on your floors. This is because the paint application leaves a permanent impression on your floors and one which you cannot easily wash away unless it fades.

Painting floors considerations

Painting your floors correctly to bring out the desired layout depends on factors such as:

  • Paint type

There are different types of paint that you can apply to your floor. These paints have different outcomes. Common paint types include oil-based paints, latex formula paints, oil, and water-based paints. The choice of which paint to select depends if it is an interior or exterior floor. Also, given floor characteristics and their usage, it is not ideal to use water-based paints. Such paints easily peel of thereby reducing the paint’s efficiency. You may also consider the color and texture of the paint you want to apply the design preference you want to bring out gives you an idea of the texture and color that you can select.

The way you paint your floor should match with that of your walls and have the appeal you require. Different wall designs dictate different floor painting techniques, including paint color.

  • Floor-type

The floor can be of wood, concrete, or even vinyl. Each of these floors has different paint requirements, such as the type of paint to use. That is, a paint that is compatible with a wooden floor may not necessarily be compatible with a concrete floor. The paint may also require other mixtures before applying on your floors. You also should check on the positioning of the floor in your building. Interior floors have different painting processes, including paint application methods than exterior floors.

You can reduce this burden by hiring a professional painting floor company to do the job for you. Industrial painting is a global brand offering quality painting services at an affordable price. Get in touch with us today and let our team of professionals handle your floor painting services. We guarantee immediate feedback and more than just floor painting.