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Types Of Industrial Painting Application Methods In Warren, MI

Those living in Warren, MI, can now enjoy services of Industrial Painting USA in addition museums and other natural attraction sites. There are different industrial paint application methods available for industrial paint contractors. This will depend on your industrial paint services requirements. However, as a business owner, you need to understand these methods to be able to know which one suits your requirements. These methods include:

Spray Method

The spray method is the most common method that is in use for most industrial painters due to its numerous advantages. Spray methods are available in different forms, including:

Air-atomized Spray

Application of this method involves a spray gun which combines liquid flow with pressurized air creating a compressed mist which coats the structure. The spray gun allows for adjustment to fit the requirements of the industrial painter, which allows for flexibility as well as applications in different industrial structures. However, the limitation of this technique is that there is an excessive loss of paint, which makes it costly. Also, when you compare to other methods, the air-atomized spray has poor transfer efficiency.

Airless Spray

This method involves forcing the liquid coating via a narrow opening, which creates pressure. This way, the paint flows out at a slower speed than the air-atomized spray meaning there is less loss of paint.

The only limitation is that this method does not work in solace while it also requires a professional industrial painter to handle it.

Electrostatic Technique

This method offers an excellent transfer of spray than the first two options. The instrument charges the paint particles using a high voltage that causes the attraction between the particles and the structure surface. This wraps the structure creating a solid and smooth coat even for structures with bends and contours. The limitation to the use of this method is that it requires a professional industrial painter since its design is for specialized paints.

High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP)

This method uses a spray gun that forces a large amount of air at low pressure onto the gun applicator. Since releasing the paint is at lower velocity, the method results in less blowback and overspray that is common in standard air-atomized equipment.


Brushing is yet another method of industrial paint application that utilizes a brush to apply the paint. Here the consistency of the paint is crucial in the success of the technique. Your industrial painter should use the right amount of paint to get the best results. Failure to use the brush appropriately may result in the brush leaving marks on the structure. The limitation of this method is that there is a higher chance of having a lower-quality finish. This makes it not ideal for decorative finishes.


This method involves submerging your structure or equipment entirely in the paint. It is an essential method if you want to coat your equipment or structure thoroughly. It is also ideal for protective coating of equipment since all the parts submerge entirely giving it a complete coat. However, using this method is not suitable for significant components since it may involve having a large tank to immerse the part, which can be impossible. Ideally, this method is crucial for use for small components and protective coatings.

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