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Possible Causes Of Peeling In Industrial Paints

Those living in Lansing, MI can now enjoy the services of Industrial Painting USA in addition to the Impression 5 Science Center contemporary Oldsmobile cars museum. While a fresh paint on your structures and equipment increases their durability, at one point they peel off. It is during such times that you have to seek industrial paint services from your preferred industrial paint contractor.

There are many causes of peeling off of industrial paints.  Among the main causes of this peeling off include:


The availability of excessive moisture on the surface of your buildings and equipment can cause the adhesion of the industrial paint to loosen. The presence of moisture is due to several factors.

For instance, it can be due to clogged gutters and leaking roofs, or your industrial painter applying paint on a wet surface. Another cause of moisture on the surface is by having excessive humidity on the building’s interior.

Improper Surface Preparation

Another cause of your industrial paint peeling off is by your industrial paint contractor not preparing the surface properly. Prior to applying paint on a given surface, there is a need to ensure the surface is clean. This involves removing any dirt oil and grease. Painting without doing this results in your paint not firmly applying on the surface, which results in the peeling off.  Improper surface preparation may also involve applying paint over a pre-painted surface, especially if the two paints are incompatible.

Using Incompatible Industrial Paint and Age

The other reason your paint peels off is by using incompatible industrial paint. For instance, applying an oil-based industrial paint to concrete or a galvanized steel will not hold. This is because a chemical reaction takes place, breaking the adhesion bond.Age is a common reason why industrial paint peels off. Over time the adhesive bond between the surface and the paint weakens resulting in the paint peeling off.

Surface Temperature

Before applying paint on a given surface, it is essential for the surface to have the correct temperature. The reason for this is to minimize evaporation of the paint’s solvent. This makes the paint not to adhere to the surface properly. Also, if the surface is to dry, the paint peels off.

The Surface Being Too Smooth

For proper adhesion of the industrial paint, the surface of your structure should not be too smooth. If the surface is too smooth, there is a lack of profile which makes the bonding of the paint on the surface difficult.

Improper Paint Application

There are different methods of paint application depending on the surface you want to apply on. You, therefore, have to select an appropriate method before you paint your surface. For instance, if you are to you a brush, you need to select a proper brush to use. Failure to use an appropriate method may result in either crawling where the paint fails to adhere. Alternatively, it may result in wrinkling of the paint on your surface.

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