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Types Of Paints For Industrial Painting To Use In Ann Arbor, MI

Those living in Ann Arbor, MI can now enjoy the services of Industrial Painting USA in addition to myriad science-focused attractions. Giving your company that new paint finish depends on your industrial painting contractor, selecting the right paint for you. There are different types of industrial paints available in the market which can make it difficult for you to choose.

However, as a business owner, you need to have an idea of which paint to apply in which part of your company or equipment. Among the primary industrial paints available include:


There are two categories of zinc paints for selection, that is, organic and inorganic zinc paint. Both provide cathodic protection on your structure against rust. It’s because the available zinc acts as the “sacrificial metal” making it the anode, thus protecting steel from corrosion.  You can use Inorganic zinc industrial paint minus a topcoat. It also has a higher content of zinc, which offers better protection.

On the other hand, inorganic zinc typically has different binders ranging from alkyd to epoxy. Inorganic zinc industrial paints are easier to apply when you compare to organic zinc industrial paints. The limitation of using industrial zinc paint is that it has a limited lifetime. The reason is that corrosion usually takes place on the zinc paint. You will, therefore, have to repaint your structures after a given duration.


Epoxy industrial paints offer advanced rust protection on your structures than the standard primers. However, they don’t offer as much as zinc industrial paints. These paints work by creating an effective barrier which seals the structure’s surface. This makes the paints effective to use in humid environments like arenas. There are special epoxy industrial paints that you can use for coating of interior of saltwater and freshwater tanks. Epoxy industrial paint offers durable protection paint than other paints since they don’t corrode after application.

Once the paint cures, it bonds with the metal thus preventing corrosion. Since it does not corrode, the probability of the paint being an environmental hazard is minimal. It is therefore ideal if you want an environmentally friendly industrial paint. The limitation of using this method is that they are expensive than regular primers due to their strong protection characteristics. The use of this industrial paint is also limited to a specific surface such as wood. You, therefore, have to check on the surface you want to apply before seeking industrial paint services.


Polyurethane industrial paints often act as a finishing coat on epoxy or zinc industrial paints. However, there are different types of polyurethane industrial paints that you can apply directly on various surfaces, including steel surfaces. It is easy to apply on a given surface while offering an environmentally friendly coat. However, this type of industrial paint has a short lifetime, so you’ll have to paint your surface regularly. Also, it has a hygroscopic tendency which results in rusting of the metal surface. A combination of polyurethane and epoxy forms a polysiloxane. This has superior properties than the original paints. Your industrial painter can use this paint directly as a single coat.

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