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5 Things You Can Expect

5 Things You Can Expect From Our Industrial Painting Services

Did you know that there is a new type of white paint that’s so white it could be used to help cool buildings? Paint is wonderful because it has both aesthetic and practical applications.

If you have a certain type of building, whether it’s a factory, a plant, or something else, it could use a fresh coat of paint. You shouldn’t forget about the insides too. From your machinery to your doors, interior paint is just as essential.

Are you on the fence about it? Keep reading to learn all about five things you can expect from our industrial painting services.

1. Prepping the Surfaces

When it comes to painting services from Industrial Painting, you can expect a thorough and expert preparation process. This is essential for painting that will not only look great but will last a long time too.

Our professional team will begin by removing any dust or debris from the surface of anything that will be painted, whether it’s the side of a building or an entire piece of machinery. Old paint flakes, leftover lubricants, and even specks of dirt must be removed.

If this process is skipped, then the primer and the paint will have trouble adhering to the surface. This can result in paint chipping off, appearing bumpy, and other problems that relate to both function and aesthetics.

Just as we’re dedicated to doing a thorough and precise preparation job, we’re also committed to safety. This is why we take measures to put down tarps and other removable barriers that will protect other surfaces from damage and exposure during the preparation process. Our experts have been trained to use and move equipment with the utmost caution.

Any risks we take are ones that are absolutely necessary for a specific job. Simply put, nothing is done without preparation, training, and every other precaution.

2. Formulating a Quote

Unlike some other industrial painting companies, we do everything in our power to offer you an accurate quote for potential painting jobs. The last thing we’d want to do is surprise our customers with upcharges. On the contrary, we create quotes that you can trust.

In fact, we put as much detail and precision into our quotes as we do the actual job itself. Our first order of business is to inspect the items or buildings you would like painted. Based on their condition, we’ll be able to identify any areas that might prove problematic, such as spots of rust, mold, rot, etc.

While corrosion can be difficult to deal with, our staff is trained to get the job done fast without sacrificing quality. In fact, we can even remove whole sections of a wall and replace them if it’s determined to be necessary for a successful painting job.

As we formulate your quote for industrial floor painting services, for instance, we’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have and address any concerns as well.

3. Applying High-Quality Paints

If you’re still wondering about the industrial painting process, then you’ll be glad to know that we only use the highest quality paints on the market. This allows you to choose between a wide array of attributes, including paints that are resistant to heat, chemicals, static, and even skidmarks.

There’s also a range of application methods that we can use to suit your aesthetic. Different applications are also suitable for various surfaces after they’ve been prepped to perfection. For instance, we can use rollers, brushes, spray, and electrostatic technology.

Since our team is so dedicated and loves paying attention to details, you can expect your buildings and machinery to appear as if they’re brand new even if they’re on the older side.

4. Painting Machinery

Are you wondering what to expect if you purchase industrial maintenance painting services for your machinery in particular?

You may be surprised to hear that we can paint just about any type of machinery you may have. This includes machinery related to assembly, printing, spinning, cleaning, metalworking, robotics, and so much more.

Since we have many years of experience, we’ve been able to fine-tune our painting expertise down to a science and have painted almost every kind of machinery you can think of.

Whether your machine is old or new, you might be wondering why a paint job is worth the investment. Not only does our paint last a long time due to its durability, but the aesthetic it adds to machinery can increase the resale value of each piece. After all, what customer wants to buy chipped or even rusted machinery?

If you plan on keeping and using your machinery for many years to come, then we are more than willing to accommodate your schedule. That way, we can paint the machinery during the times it’s not in use, allowing you to avoid any delays in production.

5. Painting Factories

Aside from the machinery that you’d find in factories and elsewhere, we also have a vast amount of experience painting the factories themselves, from massive ones to the smaller boutique type.

Factories can be made from all kinds of materials, including wood, steel, concrete, aluminum, and more. However, we’re able to paint all of these materials and more.

We go further than that, though. We also take into consideration the climate so that the paint can last longer.

Are You Ready for Industrial Painting Services?

Now that you’ve learned all about the 5 things you can expect from our industrial painting services, you can make sure your buildings look as professional as possible.

We’re proud to be able to offer our services nationwide. Whether you want to paint your factory, machinery, ceiling, or something else, we can give you accurate quotes for consideration. Not only do we stand by our estimates, but you can edit your orders so that they fit your needs perfectly.

If you have any questions at all about our highly-rated services, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always eager to help out.

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