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7 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring Industrial Painting Contractors

Don't hire your next industrial painting contractors without first asking these important questions so you're sure to hire the best fit for your next job.
industrial painting contractors

7 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring Industrial Painting Contractors

According to reports, there are around 263,080 painting businesses in the US. A large portion of these are residential painting companies. 

If you need industrial painting done it’s important to vet potential candidates thoroughly. For one, you should make sure they are industrial painting contractors and not residential contractors. 

Besides this, there are also a lot of other important questions you should ask. Otherwise, you might end up with a paint job that doesn’t look professional or stand the test of time in an industrial environment. 

Industrial painting is a highly specialized industry, which is why you need to hire a team of experts for your repainting needs. 

To do this, continue reading and find out 7 key questions to ask potential industrial painting companies

1. How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

One of the first things to look into when investigating potential industrial painting contractors is how long they have been in business. 

Like we mentioned above, industrial painting is a specialized industry. Industrial environments have far more stringent requirements for coatings and paint application than residential settings. 

Places like warehouses, factories, foundries, and plants require heavy-duty, application-specific industrial paint supplies. Application is also more specialized and involved, and there are more safety requirements. 

The last thing you want is to hire a painting company that doesn’t have much experience with industrial projects.

Want to avoid wasting your budget and experiencing a myriad of problems down the line? If yes, make sure you ask potential painting contractors how long they have been in operation. 

Has a contractor only been operating for a few months or a year? If so, you’ll be better off choosing a competitor with a more comprehensive track record. 

2. Do They Specialize in Industrial Painting?

You should also find out whether contractors cater to industrial painting specifically. 

You’ll usually be better off choosing a company that focuses on industrial painting. This way you can rest assured knowing that their book of business is filled with projects of a similar caliber to yours. And that they aren’t transferring any residential methods and products into industrial settings. 

3. What Industries Do They Serve?

Another important question to ask contractors is what industries they have served. Have they only painted out a few warehouse floors?

Or do they have experience across multiple industries and industrial sites? 

Here at Industrial Painting USA, we have experience in serving numerous industrial industries. Including:

You name it, and we have painted it. 

We have expert, hands-on experience with any and all types of industrial painting applications. No matter what type of industrial property you need painting services for, our expertise and experience will ensure you pay for premium, professional results that will last for years and withstand industrial conditions. 

4. What Is Their Customer Service Like?

Customer service is a vital component of any job, big or small. However, when it comes to something as large-scale as industrial painting projects, good customer service is even more critical. 

Painting out an industrial site can cause disruption. It is also a fair-sized investment. You deserve the best customer service possible. 

Not only will this help minimize disruption to your operations, but it will also indicate that the company you’re dealing with is trustworthy and reliable. 

If you’re trying to get estimates from industrial painting companies, and they are taking forever to get back to you and answer your questions, this isn’t a good sign. 

Monitor the levels of customer service you receive from the moment you start engaging with industrial painting contractors. Take note of the companies that have swift response times and that are most helpful. 

Encountering slow responses and disinterested assistance? Strike these industrial painting contractors off your list and move on to a company that offers the kind of service you deserve.

5. What Are Their Safety Protocols?

All industrial projects require comprehensive safety measures. It is vital that the industrial painting contractor you choose has a keen focus on safety. 

Therefore, ask all potential candidates about their safety protocols. What do they do to ensure the safety of your staff? Is there anything they require from you in terms of maintaining safety levels?

Thanks to our extensive experience in industrial painting, we know how important safety measures are when working on your site. Because of this, our services include meetings with your management team around safety. During these, we review the scope of work and clearly define established safety zones. 

We also give our teams comprehensive training on safety practices, equip them with all required equipment, and ensure that safety rules are followed. 

6. What Type of Paint Materials Do They Use?

You should also ask potential industrial painting contractors about the materials and products they use. 

Do they seem like they are up to speed with the latest products? Do they work with high-quality materials from leading paint manufacturers? 

Once you find out what products industrial painting companies use, you can also research these and verify they are as high-quality as the company says they are.

7. Do They Have Painters’ Insurance and a Painters’ License?

Last but not least, enquire about insurance and licensing. 

If you take on a contractor that doesn’t have painters’ insurance or a painters’ license, this could open you up to a host of liabilities should there be an accident or mishap. 

If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you assume liability for damage to your facility, as well as third-party injuries. 

To avoid this, only hire industrial painting contractors who hold comprehensive third-party insurance. As well as workers’ comp and a valid license. 

Only Choose the Best Industrial Painting Contractors

Having an industrial site re-painted is a large, high-value undertaking. It is vital that the contractor you choose has industry experience, trained teams, licensing and bonding, and a good track record. 

Unless you want to comprise the lifespan of your new paint and the materials and equipment it protects—we advise you only hire the best industrial painting contractors

Industrial Painting USA is one of these types of industrial painting companies

We are passionate about providing excellence in all areas of our business. From stand-out customer service to meticulous, industrial-grade cleaning and preparation, and the best of the best in materials and paint supplies, we ensure that our customers receive premium treatment and results. 

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